First God or World?


First God or World?

Embracing the whole world
Running after things and people
We call it: love and compassion
Not knowing its illusion

Worldly love
A beginning with the world
Divine love
Starting with God

Attachments to the world
Comes with death and time
Attachment to God
Comes with freedom, infinity

We can only across
This bridge
Between world and God
With love for God

DidiArtist, 18.09.2012



2 comments on “First God or World?

    • There is only One God for all and everything. We are all a drop of the Ocean Almighty. Nothing is seperated from Him. Our mind is worldly, like a wild horse that is uncontrolled – so it prefers the wishes of the world: money and power, acknowledgement and happiness. We seek for symptoms to get our food but fail as symptoms are not the cause, not our remedy. A worldly life is a life just for ourselves and serves our ego. A life for God is service to man no matter which religion, which country we come from, which colour we have. If we see God in all we start to have respect for all opposite to our mind that this changing it colour like a chameleon: anger, happiness, hatred, joy, greed, jealousy etc. Each of us can stay at his own religion. No need to dig a new well. Point is that we should develop as a good Muslim, a good Christian, a good Buddhist, a good Hindu and so on. In this connection we widen our heart and spirituality: “Man know thyself” and in peace and harmony we can live in the community of man. We should ask ourselves what is the sense of our life and be alone with ourselves for a while to find an answer to this question. Then the question arises: God first or the world? Our world is in permanent change and why then to build a house on sand? So if we want to make progress with ourselves it is important first of all to be honest to ourselves and others. From there everything else can start, also the love to God, the love to His whole creation and all His creatures. I hope this will give you a small answer to your question. All the best, dear friend. Didiartist


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