Dream of a peaceful world



Dream of a peaceful world

If there were trust among peoples
If there were respect among them
If there were tolerance between religions
If there were honesty in every heart
If there were compassion for those who suffer
If there were understanding among leaders
If there were fair sharing in the world
If there were no poor and rich people
If there were no violence any longer in the heads
If there were an ideal of high values within the society
If there were help and service to man
If there were spiritual development in our lives

We would not see weapons in the world
We would meet us with love and harmony
We would no longer use our earth as a trashbin
We would turn our ego into sunshine
We would understand the meaning of oneness:

We all sit in the same boat
We all are one as brothers and sisters

May each of us take this responsibility
For a better and safer world

May this dream come true…

DidiArtist, 19.02.2017



2 comments on “Dream of a peaceful world

  1. Dear Pete,

    Thank you so much. Your words are encouraging too 🙂

    My Master Sant Kirpal Singh Ji once told, when He was asked in a tv-interview in the USA, if He could summarize His teaching (in fact it is a universal teaching that all messengers of God, Christ, Buddha, Kabir, Maulana Rumi etc have taught.) in a few words. He then answered: Be Good, Do Good and Be One!

    Thanks, dear Pete 🙂
    Have a peaceful Sunday


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