Silent hug


Silent hug

Feel the beat
In your heart
Dance in silence
Off the mind noise
Connecting light
Pulse of life
In the change
With the wind
Blowing time
Leaving memories
On dersert sand
Traces intact
Of love and light
Warm hugs
From heart to heart

DidiArtist, 05.04.2017



4 comments on “Silent hug

  1. Arms to the sky

    You raise
    all time
    your arms
    to heaven
    your energy
    and your strength
    in one breath
    also today
    the huge heart
    of this world
    the veil
    of craving
    and illusion
    Be innocent
    in front of
    to expectations
    and fears
    Everything flows
    be seed
    or small feather
    in the wind

    04/08/2017 Poetyca

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