I wanted someone to be the change,
As I was annoyed with everyone around,
I was sure, there won’t be a change,
But no one even dared to astound!

I wanted someone to be the change,
As I was annoyed with everyone around,
Hoping , no one will beat my hope,
The change was still unmoved on the ground.

‘Please try to be a change’
I requested everyone I could,
Everyone had only one thing to say,
‘When no one changes, why I should?’

The reply pushed me into serious thinking,
It was indeed brainstorming for me,
As I sat there thinking away,
What possibly the change could be.

A beautiful answer popped up,
When I looked within me,
Why should I want others to be the change,
When I myself can be !

I know many will argue at it,
Saying it sounds very strange,
But I’ll keep chanting…

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Monolith society: Between light and shadow

Monolith society:
Between shadow and light

In the grip
Of dictation

Squeezing egoism
Attached to
Promised candy

Imprisoned mind
Based on
Empty words
Ensnared wishes

Refulgence without orign
Sheep behaviour
To follow blindly
Embraced by ignorance

Hierarchic divions
To give importance
With instilled power
Often abused

Swinging between
Creeping corruption
And ideals in light
Showering humanity

Togetherness is light
Separation just darkness
With no life and consciousness
Lost in selfish desires

Rigid society,
Turns into humanity
By individuals
Becoming human

Beware your dream
And make it come true
To manifest harmony
Beween you and yours

DidiArtist, 19.01.2012