Revealing a secret


It’s me, Didi, at the age of 18 years – now I am much older…
A friend of mine and I arranged a photo-story: Man and nature…



Why I use nightskies in my artwork

Maybe many from my friends and followers have wondered why I almost always use stars as a kind of emblem in my artwork. This time I want to share this “mystery” to you.

When I was 2 years old we were living close to a forest and at that time there were hardly street lamps installed. My mother used a pram and was walking with me as a baby along a smaller path of a close forest which was really dark. I remember – although so young – that someday when my parents again had to walk with me along the edge of a forest, there was such a wonderful star-night which impressed me so much, although I surely did not understand it, only had feelings for this wonderful miracle in the sky, no words of course (I think we think in feelings at this age, a language maybe straight from the heart). Now if I think back I would describe the stars like sparkling diomonds in the dark night. I felt safe in it, like to be in my mother’s arms. I felt something very big in my heart.

This impression has accompanied me my whole life and therefore you will find space and time, stars of living beauty in my artwork, an expression of embracing eternity, infinity…

Thanks for your attention 🙂

All good wishes

DidiArtist, 24.02.2017


11 comments on “Revealing a secret

  1. Beautiful words and images, Didis. Thank you for sharing such a lovely experience of your childhood which you have carried with you and have infused your fabulous art with. I too have an affinity for the stars, and cannot help but be transfixed by them whenever I see them.

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    • Dear Pete,

      Yes the deep and endless seeming space with its billions of stars and galaxies have something really fascinating. I even make sometimes night-walks in the forest and watch the stars and think, how tiny we are in the vast creation of God, but at the same time I am aware that each of us is an important wheel in this divine mechanism.

      Nice to hear that your attention is also fixed when observing the stars, planets and moon. I feel then as a small child astonishing with an open mouth, just wondering.

      Thanks, dear Pete, for sharing a nice comment with me.

      Have a good time 🙂

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  2. Beautiful images didi i love yhe fact that they are not just beauty but curiousity it jas a element of unexplainable truth. Yet it depicts sincereity.
    The story of inspiration from stard is beautiful. Can understand the feeling straightnfrom the heart.
    Im glad i came across your blog please check out my blog too and follow if you like Would love to hape the opinions of someone who can beautifully put their thoughts into such well spruned words.

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