Power seekers



Power seekers

Power seekers want
To control
Dictate and rule over people,
Use all means
Without scruples
To reach their goals

May God bless them
With right understanding
Respect people
Not prison them in fear
With their intrument of power
In their hands

May they see their own mirror image
To understand what they are doing
And stop abusing power
On the shoulders
Of millions of people

DidiArtist, 15.10.2011



9 comments on “Power seekers

  1. Like misogynists who won’t let women enjoy sex. Would feel sorry for them if they weren’t always improving their capacity to hurt others.


        • Dear friend,

          I ask you not to use swearwords in my blog. Look, dear friend, don’t we have enough mistakes in us too? When using swearwords against any person, it provides us a better position then that person or persons we disagree with? In fact we all are not perfect and we are also not really better than others. If we start finding our own shortcomings, well then we do not have time anymore to use swearwords against others. Where does positivity or negativity start from – yes, from our thoughts and in fact we are controlled by our mind. When we are angry it draws us here and there. So we have to control our thoughts if we do not wish to becontrolled by them (mind). If someone or many people are on fire we cannot extinguish it with fire against them – only water can help and the water of good thoughts. In the whole history of mankind we have seen that violence only ends in more violence. We humans go always the easiest way and it is also easy to criticize, but not so easy to find a solution, to do just opposite – to think positive and contribute with each positive thought to make the world a bit better – as we all one, all connected like drops with the ocean. Gandhi for example pled for a non-violence principle which he also successfully used against the British colonial rule and he also said: If we want to see a change in the world, then first we have to change ourselves. And violence already starts in our head. Therefore, each of us is needed and wanted to bring a positive change through changing ourselves positively as living examples.

          What did Jesus Christ say to such persons who are abusing power or who are doing evil things through which man and mankind have to suffer? “God loves the sinner, but He does not love his sins…” So if we know that everything is one and God has brought forward His creation into life and worlds – then in each of us there is this temple of God. From this point of view we can develop respect and love to everyone.

          Thanks for your attention
          All the best

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