It is easy to denounce someone
For his or her shortcomings

Then why not dencounce
Ourselves for our shortcomings?

But obviously we are using
Double standards…

DidiArtist, 08.01.2017



2 comments on “Denouncing

  1. Dear Dany,

    At a certain point it is better not to critize any more, but of course if it is necessary to tell the truth to a friend or when a certain situation requires it to open the mouth in the name of truth – then silence is not correct. If it is a friend then it is better to tell him or her under four eyes kindly what is not nice when the friend has made a mistake. What concerns political situations: Politics can never be improved by the help of politics – we have already seen this dilemma during the last few thousand years. Dr. Harbhajan Singh held a speech at the Vienna Human Rights conference and there he also told: that we cannot solve the problems of mankind and human beings alone with politcs, but with the help of spirituality – “Man know thyself” – everything else will end up in endless discussions and in a waste of time – My hope is that some day mankind is ready bringing forward conscious people who can really lead the people who are living examples of the terms: respect, love understanding, selfless service – but this can only happen when people start to change themselves first… and this means to have an own back-yard clean-up first of all – we ouselves have so many mistakes in us – are we then entitled to criticize others for their mistakes?… this is the other side of the coin… we should become a bit more humble.

    Thank you for your comment 🙂
    All the best, dear friend

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