Own face


Own face

Stones thrown
Reactions destorted
Ripples expanding

Balance carried away
Shaken in blowing winds
With a heart blurred
In rough waters

Pure mind, pure heart
Reflection of oneself
Cristal clear, untouched
Shows its true face
When mind has no ripples
Is just still…

DidiArtist, 12.01.2012


5 Things That I Can Live Without

Sarovar – a marbel house, in the shape of a boat
that acrosses the Ocean of Life symbolically
with the symbols of all world-religions on top of the house


Dear friends,

A blogging friend of mine has nominated me to give 5 answers every day lasting 20 days. Thanks, dear friend 🙂
Here is her site: https://daysixtyfive.com/

Day 3:
5 Things That I Can Live Without

1.) I do not need pomp or luxury – I prefer a life of simplicity.

2.) I live without meat, drugs (any kind), eggs, fish. So I am a lacto-vegetarian for some reasons: ethical reason, not to even passively support the killing of animals, karmic reason: everything undergoes karmic reactions, so there is no way out to avoid karma, even when eating, but plant-food is living food, not dead food. Holy people said in this connection: “Do not make your body a grave…” as meat is dead – and since I am a vegi since many many years, I smell the odour of decomposition whenever I am in the super-market going shopping, having sometimes to pass by the meat-department…

Saints described the karmic effect that animal-food has a higher load of karma (karmic effects) than vegetarian food – this has something to do with consciousness as well:

Excerpt from: The spiritual aspect of the vegetarian diet (Sant Kirpal Singh)


“In the minerals – life is asleep,
In the plants – life dreams,
In the birds and every beast, life awakes,
and in man life is already awake.

Thus, we are brothers of all creatures, plants, birds and other animals. The flowers and trees, sparrows and pigeons are like members of our own kind. How simple, pure, loving and beautiful they are! We should learn from them to lead a life of purity, sacred simplicity and divine love.”
Sant Kirpal Singh

While eating living food (plants) we get life into our body, while eating meat and fish (dead food) we bring death in our body.

But we all have to decide for ourselves what to eat, how to eat, in which thought and atmosphere we eat, as we all are responsible for ourselves (so it is not my task to convince anybody to eat vegetarian food – he or she has to decide him- or herself – but it is also good to inform ourselves from the spiritual point of view about it.

When I was much younger I myself have been a meat- and fish-eater, so I know the other side very well too…

3.) It is good to live without anger, hate, greed, lust, attachment – in this way we can control our mind that always tries to control us.

4.) To live without lies and half-truths, any crime done to others.

5.) To live without violence in thoughts, words and deeds and also to be without imperiousness, wilful deception, deceit, hypocrisy, dishonest earned income (money should be earned by the sweat of our brow – no gambling or bets etc.), no vanity of knowledge, pride to have possession (as God has made us to administer His possessions and gifts He has given us – as nothing belongs to us – only the ego tells: this is mine…) and last but not least I can be without “intoxication of influence and power”.

At least I try to avoid this all that I have mentioned, although I am not always successful… as I am on my developing way, not perfect and still with plenty of shortcomings that needs to be rooted out…

Thank you for your attention.
All what is good for your soul.

For tomorrow (day 4): 5 Pet Peeves


5 Pet Peeves

Medical camps in Kirpal Sagar and surroundings are available
to give free medication and treatments to poor and needy people

Dear friends,

A blogging friend of mine has nominated me to give 5 answers every day lasting 20 days. Thanks, dear friend 🙂
Here is her site: https://daysixtyfive.com/

Day 4:
5 Pet Peeves

1.) Seeing people starving in poor countries while others live in luxury

2.) Spending money on military purposes – instead of finding a peaceful solution for the whole mankind – sharing resources and that everyone has a place to live, enough food to eat and drink.

3.) Seeing our values of our society in a huge chaos, starting from education, media influences, and power control by a few people over millions of people. New noble values should replace old values: instead of violence it should become and honour to serve man, country, the whole world and one’s own soul -as service to man is service to God. Instead of sex-glorification in magazines, TV, books, advertisement etc. – we should focus on how love can become pure and spotless again without reducing it to the mare body-love and lust. Children and people should be prepared for the life in such a way that respect and honour play an important role in their lives.

Now, wherever we look we see a global decadence in human values. Noble schools should therefore come into being to teach values of positivity and not of destructions – then we have a chance to develop as a real human being…

4.) Religions should work together and not against each other – to see and understand deeply that we are all one and that there is only One, no matter what name we give to this ONE. Not necessary to dig new wells (create new religions – we surely have enough of them) – but it is important that a Muslim becomes a good Muslim, a Buddhist a good Buddhist, a Hindu a good Hindu, a Sikh a good Sikh, a Christian a good Christian etc. – to rise above the the narrow limitation that only one religion is right, has the right God and all the others are put on the side-track. We should learn to understand that we are all human beings or are all the others that do not represent our religion – aliens? No, they are humans as we are with the same birthright to return into our Father’s lap some day, our eternal home. We all are in the same boat and if one says because we see the sun shining from different angles and places: “My water looks green” – “No”, says another: “My water is blue” and again another: “No, my water looks grey and so on… – Isn’t water water? …

With real love towards God we will not leave anyone – everyone has our love – as it is His ONE creation, as God dwells in the temple of each heart. Not a single tiny wheel in the vast machinery of God is useless – the Ocean is a collective consciousness containing all consciousness what is existing… We are all unique and each of us has a unique way and connection with God…

5.) Men and woman should have the same rights and equally treated in respect, salary, appreciation

Final words: When we see God in everyone, automatically love and dignity can be developed – we may see them as one holy person said: “God loves the sinner but not his sins…”

Thank you again, dear friends, for taking your time to read this subject 🙂

For tomorrow (day 5): 5 Things That I Love About People

Day 2 – 5 Things That I Can’t Live Without

Parks in Kirpal Sagar

Dear friends,

A blogging friend of mine has nominated me to give 5 answers every day lasting 20 days. Thanks, dear friend 🙂
Here is her site: https://daysixtyfive.com/

Day 2:
5 Things That I Can’t Live Without (that’s me at the age of 18 – long time ago)

1.) I can’t live without my Master Sant Kirpal Singh Ji, as He is love, light and life, the essence of my life, deeply embedded in my soul. Also Bhaji and Biji, the Gurmukhs of my Master, have their place always in my heart – through them I could understand much about the purpose of our life. I am in deep thankfulness to them too.

2.) I can’t live without humanity – humanity should become a great virtue of our life, to be of help to others. It is like a huge ocean in which our heart finds it reflection: We can touch it on the surface but we also can go deep within… so slowly becoming a real human being…

3.) I can’t live without the breath of God as God is innate in every life-impulse. He is the breath of our soul – in thankfulness I try to remember Him as much as possible until some day wherever I go, wherever I am – I will see Him only… Love and spirituality are my constant companions .

4.) As life consists of the principles: take and give, to balance reactions of the past – then cause and effect which has a reaction even from a vibrating thought “onwards” – “this what you sow, you have to ripe…” the karmic law, is another part I cannot live without (if I want it or not) – so my purpose is to find a way how to escape the wheel of life and death, of re-coming and re-going in different life-forms according to positive or negative reactions: but good deeds bear good fruit, bad deeds bad ones… so to wear golden chains or iron chains – chains are chains – to come out of this process: when we are no longer the Doers… (only our ego – is the doer… or keeps us as a doer) – the shadow thinks it is moving, but it is the light that moves the shadow…

5:) I can’t live without problems as problems are there to make you stronger and overcome them – they are the remedy and medicine for our soul – although they may look vice versa at the first sight – with a closer look we learn that they can help us to progress in our spiritual development, like bitter medicine we have to swallow and understand them as medicine… they serve as a inner digging, plouhing the field of life to bring out new treasures hidden in our hearts…

Thank you for your patience in reading my answers, dear reader – may God bless you.

Thank you

For tomorrow (day 3): Things That I Can Live Without

Day 1 – 5 Things About Me

Dear friends,

A blogging friend of mine has nominated me to give 5 answers every day lasting 20 days. Thanks, dear friend 🙂
Here is her site: https://daysixtyfive.com/

Day 1:
5 Things about myself (that’s me at the age of 18 – long time ago)

1.) I am my own observer and try to discover and know myself, to know how the mind is working in me, to get to know all its tricks, in which way it has power and influence over me – according to: “Man know thyself”

Important is which motives are behind an action, a thought or a word. With honesty towards oneself and others it is possible to obtain deep understandings to get to know more about oneself.

2.) My Religion is God – man made religions and God made man. I have respect for all religions – as we are all ONE and first of all are human beings. To be ONE we have to see us united, not separated, as God is ONE.

3.) I love to laugh when there are humorous situations – and I cry when my heart is touched

4.) I love reading spiritual books by: Sant Kirpal Singh, who is my Master, Kabir, Rumi, Baba Jaimal Singh, Gita, Mahabarata Epos, holy scriptures in different religions etc. and love writing aphorism, poems and creating digital images and videos as well.

5.) I love helping people. It is a way also to turn your back to your own ego and focus on those who are in need. In this connection I travel to India every year as a voluntary helper for the project: Kirpal Sagar.


Sant Kirpal Singh – His life and mission:

Teachings of Sant Kirpal Singh:

More information about Unity of Man:

For tomorrow (Day 2): 5 Things That I Can’t Live Without

5 Things That I Love About People

Guest-house in Kirpal Sagar

On the occasion of the 2nd world-conference on Unity of Man,
this guest-house was build in 1994

Dear friends,

A blogging friend of mine has nominated me to give 5 answers every day lasting 20 days. Thanks, dear friend 🙂
Here is her site: https://daysixtyfive.com/

Day 5:
5 Things That I Love About People

1.) Everyone has the birthright to meet God within. According to Christ: “If thine eye be single, thy body will be full of light”? – Means God is love, life and light – the “Single eye” means:

Excerpt by Sant Kirpal Singh:

“The Masters (competent spiritual teachers) tell us that there is also another eye (beside our two physical eyes), called variously the third eye, the single eye or shiv-netra. Unless you open that third eye (which can be opened only while in the man-body), you are nowhere. It is the eye of the soul, not of the intellect nor the outgoing faculties. We are ensouled bodies, conscious entities, working through mind and outgoing faculties. That inner eye is opened when our soul, the outward expression of which is called attention, is withdrawn to the seat of the soul in the body, which is at the back of the two eyes. The attention is now working at the level of the eyes through the mind and outgoing faculties. We are identified with the body and we have forgotten ourselves. Unless that very attention is withdrawn from outside, and just extricated above the outgoing faculties, which end at the level of the eyes, we cannot know who we truly are. At the time of death you come up to this point.”


And just this heart may see this inner light, which is pure and has become as innocent as children. Emerson, too, emphasized: “Tap inside…”
The Bible also speaks: “Knock at the door and it shall be opened unto you…” This door is the only door that leads inside, all other openings of the human body are outside-doors.

2.) When man is happy it is like a perfume that touches us too, with a friendly smile we can win the hearts of others.

3.) To see spirituality growing in man although there are many anti-forces working in man. We are now approaching the Golden Age, still on the bridge between the
Iron Age and the Golden Age – this whole transit-process will take 100 years. The divine laws in the Golden Age differ from the laws in the Iron Age. When we have entered the New Age, we then have to stand on 4 pillars:

Compassion (having all virtues of pity, piety, mercy and help)
Charity (to give and forget, selfless service)

However, spirituality cannot be taught, is not a matter of just reading books – it is caught like an infection via the window of our souls, is receptivity.

4. Contentment is a virtue and fortress against our endless wishes to hunt happiness and is subject to our mind. Those who have devolved it are even satisfied when they face difficult times – I have seen this kind of virtue in some people who, with their own life, gave a living example
to stay in serenity.

Our mind tries to copy the everlasting wishless happiness of the soul by means of wishes. Material wishes and any wishes coming from the mind or ego, may make us happy for a short time, but they pass like clouds and the mind is running amok to please itself from wish to wish, from being a short time happy to the next time.

5. It gives me a pleasure to see that more and more people develop right understanding. Usually we mix many things, throw them in one pot and lose control of what is what. Right understanding is our lamp on the path of truth. Life is like this: we sort all the fragments, with which our spirit is scattered and divided to know what is what, but once the process of finding the puzzles to restore of what we really are, from that time onwards differentiation is no longer needed…

Dear readers and friends for some time I will be on a journey, when back I will continue with the Day 6: “Things On My To Do List”

In thankfulness to your attention given
From heart to heart