Frozen truth


Frozen truth

The biggest threat
Of proclaiming freedom
Is to create
New prisons…

DidiArtist, 13.03.2013



9 comments on “Frozen truth

  1. I’m curious, Didi, if you mean to suggest that we ought not celebrate the freedom that we have gained from those things that enslaved or imprisoned us, or are you only reminding us that our minds are happy to give us another “box” to live inside? Neither answer is “wrong.” I’m just wish to understand. Thank you, dear Didi! jen

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    • Dear Jen,

      I try to explain:

      As we have and see in all values opposites, the opposite from freedom is like prison, non-freedom comes from the same coin. do we speak of shadow then shadow is because of light – there is the danger of the opposite inate in it too – so when speaking about freedom there is the unnamed opposite non-freedom, so it depends on us: in which circle we go: freedom or non-freedom. and we have to ask ourselves: freedom from what? – and the last freedom is the freedom from ourselves, from our mind. You can compare it also with science – science has its own history and had different point of views and came to different results over centuries, like a development- freedom is also in this kind interleaving, has its own development – what we consider as freedom today may have a change tomorrow in “higher frames” so there is a balancing act between these opposites and of course a danger too… I hope I could make myself understood.

      All good wishes

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