All and nothing


All and nothing

Many want all and everything
And get nothing
While few want nothing
And get all and everything

DidiArtist, 13.01.2013



6 comments on “All and nothing

    • Dear Manuela,

      It is true everything lies in us, the answer and the question, however it is important even in this knowledge to go each practical way which is nessecary for it, because it is also important that not even one step to reach this goal can be omitted – we means we also have to go this way in practical way – then all those goals can be achieved – nothing we will get for free without doing a step in this direction. To become conscious requires in fact hardship, discipline and deep believing in God, who is the Doer – often we think that we are doing something – but without God we cannot make any step, not even one. As I have written in an earlier aphorism: “The shadow thinks that it is moving, but it is the light that moves the shadow…” and nothing comes from one day to another. when you see a sports-man he or she needs a long time to be good in one sport disciplin and so it is with everything. The more we train our interlectual muscle or also spirtual muscle (which is unfortunaetly neglected by most of the people: Man Know thyself) – the more we progress in our development. When we were young we did not have this knowledge which won over many many experiences – that we have today. Unfortunately, the modern man of today also tends to get everything at once, do some seminars or weekend learning – to get some title – but real learning is not a fast-food learning – it takes time, same with flowers which need time to be in blossom.

      Thank, dear Manuela,

      Wishing you all what is good for your soul

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      • Thank you, dear Didi!
        It is true that real learning takes time. From my point of view, any titles from today don’t show a real learning, I mean knowledge we need for discovering who we really are and what power we have as human beings. We have not be taught to know our body in the real way, to feel and to follow our heart and soul but to think, blame and judge. Man know thyself when gains body-mind-soul knowledge which is not a fast-food learning.
        All that is Good for you, too!

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