Day 2 – 5 Things That I Can’t Live Without

Parks in Kirpal Sagar

Dear friends,

A blogging friend of mine has nominated me to give 5 answers every day lasting 20 days. Thanks, dear friend 🙂
Here is her site:

Day 2:
5 Things That I Can’t Live Without (that’s me at the age of 18 – long time ago)

1.) I can’t live without my Master Sant Kirpal Singh Ji, as He is love, light and life, the essence of my life, deeply embedded in my soul. Also Bhaji and Biji, the Gurmukhs of my Master, have their place always in my heart – through them I could understand much about the purpose of our life. I am in deep thankfulness to them too.

2.) I can’t live without humanity – humanity should become a great virtue of our life, to be of help to others. It is like a huge ocean in which our heart finds it reflection: We can touch it on the surface but we also can go deep within… so slowly becoming a real human being…

3.) I can’t live without the breath of God as God is innate in every life-impulse. He is the breath of our soul – in thankfulness I try to remember Him as much as possible until some day wherever I go, wherever I am – I will see Him only… Love and spirituality are my constant companions .

4.) As life consists of the principles: take and give, to balance reactions of the past – then cause and effect which has a reaction even from a vibrating thought “onwards” – “this what you sow, you have to ripe…” the karmic law, is another part I cannot live without (if I want it or not) – so my purpose is to find a way how to escape the wheel of life and death, of re-coming and re-going in different life-forms according to positive or negative reactions: but good deeds bear good fruit, bad deeds bad ones… so to wear golden chains or iron chains – chains are chains – to come out of this process: when we are no longer the Doers… (only our ego – is the doer… or keeps us as a doer) – the shadow thinks it is moving, but it is the light that moves the shadow…

5:) I can’t live without problems as problems are there to make you stronger and overcome them – they are the remedy and medicine for our soul – although they may look vice versa at the first sight – with a closer look we learn that they can help us to progress in our spiritual development, like bitter medicine we have to swallow and understand them as medicine… they serve as a inner digging, plouhing the field of life to bring out new treasures hidden in our hearts…

Thank you for your patience in reading my answers, dear reader – may God bless you.

Thank you

For tomorrow (day 3): Things That I Can Live Without

8 comments on “Day 2 – 5 Things That I Can’t Live Without

  1. This is beautifully written. I love how deep of a person you are, your spirituality and passion drives you – this is fantastic to read and have more of an insight. You are truly an inspiration! Beautiful person.

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  2. I am blown away by your perception of life and I find you very inspiring. I found your answer to number 5 to be particularly interesting. Overcoming problems & obstacles in our lives, through the grace of God, are often, the absolute making of us.
    Blessings to you.
    Hayley 😊

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    • Dear Hayley

      Thank you very much for your warming words 🙂 Sometimes we are running from to tree to tree searching for the forest or we are like fish searching for the water. Life is a big school and there we are taught our lessons. If we see our planet from far – it seems that there is no life, no movement but the closer we come so me we become aware of all kind of life-forms – so it is our point of view how we look at our own life and sometimes it is necessary to change our angle of view to get more about life and ourselves – in this connection also the problems we have to face, we have to look at it very closely joints in these points of view – all is a matter of discovering oneself, knowing oneself.

      Thank you very much and have peaceful day


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