Face of ego


Face of ego

The evil sometimes has a face
The mask of I, I, I…
Expressing everything with:
I come first…

© DidiArtist, 21.07.17



9 comments on “Face of ego

  1. These are the levels of the six tiered dais of self-crucifixion to Solomon’s throne according to seventeenth century mystic, John Everard.
    1 Condemnation of Self;
    2 Annihilation of Self;
    3 Forsaking all things of the world;
    4 Indifference to all things;
    5 Conformity to Christ;
    6 Deiformity – when we are no longer men but gods;
    This is the termination of what Everard called ‘Iness’.

    Everard completed the first five lectures during his time at Kensington but was removed from there before he could undertake the ‘sixth’ lecture. Everard was similar to Niclaes at least in as much as “the internal mysteries of Scripture [are] only attained when the plain mandate of the text was lived out in the context of the everyday.”

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    • Dear friend,
      I have just started to read something about Everard, however I cannot say anything about him as my knowledge of him is insufficient.

      From my Master Sant Kirpal Singh I have learnt that angels, avatars and gods for example they all strive to get the man-body back – they received their power through yogic and meditative exercises but it did not help them really to become a certain god with super-powers among god, because by this they failed to reach the real goal or purpose of life – and that is to overcome our ego and mind that we are no longer controlled by our mind but that the mind is the servant of our soul . However you can read about the dangers of it here:

      Thanks for your contribution, dear friend.
      All good wishes

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    • Dear friend,

      This may happen when we see the things for which we have to suffer , as a fault or shortcoming of other people – our ego does not want to take the responsibility for it – so someone else has to suffer (not we) – secretely we think that in doing so, our own problem to suffer will stop then – but the root of the problem lies in ourselves – there we can start and find the reason why we have to suffer for this or that, it is the first step to take responsibility on one’s own shoulders – it is said: where there is a problem, the solution is not far… I hope that you can handle your depression and that you get the right help for it.

      May God help you
      And all the best

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        • Welcome my friend and try to breathe a bit deeper and take more oxygen into your lungs (slowly breathe out an in not so fast as we usually do – it will provide some endophines to feel a bit better. Much success to fight depression.
          All good wishes


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