Quote: Surrender to God


Playing with the truth


Playing with the truth

Like the season returns
Within the wheel of time
Life and death are reborn

Like the echo in the mountain
Mirrors back to our self
So our words and deeds resound

Unless we are really aware
Of the inner light and truth
Our sharing increases confusion

If we share without real knowledge
Our thoughts, experience, opinions
Are a contagious disease from mind to mind

If our motives are of good nature
And our deeds are a leaf in the wind
The credit goes to the street of darkness

May we fear of what we give and take
And turn our little “we” into His Will
To live divine knowledge, His sharing

Then we will understand
That nothing we can give from “ourselves”
So ultimately become His humble servant…

But sometimes we pretend to be humble
Not knowing that we cheat us, bear a mask
Just another way of the colour of mind

Seeing is believing…

DidiArtist, 16.03.2012


First God or the world?


First God or World?

Embracing the whole world
Running after things and people
We call it: love and compassion
Not knowing its illusion

Worldly love
A beginning with the world
Divine love
Starting with God

Attachments to the world
Comes with death and time
Attachment to God
Comes with freedom, infinity

We can only across
This bridge
Between world and God
With love for God

DidiArtist, 18.09.2012


Playground of the mind


Playground of mind

How long still
In the whirl
Of nights and shadows?

Spiders spinning
Nets of games
Tempting, wringing
Twisting names

Giving and taking
Losing and shaking
Tricks in pockets
Fired words, smart rockets

Lost the lights and ways
Preaching the nights as days
Mixed in confusion
To call it love and fusion

At the edge of these games
Eagles fly in the sky
Free from words and names
Pure, without a lie

Look in the light
Dear friend of truth
Sail like a kite
From yourself let loose

How long still
In the whirl
Of nights and shadows?

In the nameless land
There is a giving hand…

DididArtist, 25.02.2012


We all sit in the same boat – solutions to our life

Dear friends, I invite you to see this really important documentary video about how we can all come together peacefully and in harmony to make our world better and to give a real sense to our life as it concerns us all. It deals with the Mission of Sant Kirpal Singh who said that we are all ONE – but we have forgotten…

So I recommend this documentary with all my heart to you, my dear blogging friends

From heart to heart



May God bless you all
and my warm greetings to all of you
Sincerely yours Didi

5 Things That I Can Live Without

Sarovar – a marbel house, in the shape of a boat
that acrosses the Ocean of Life symbolically
with the symbols of all world-religions on top of the house


Dear friends,

A blogging friend of mine has nominated me to give 5 answers every day lasting 20 days. Thanks, dear friend 🙂
Here is her site:

Day 3:
5 Things That I Can Live Without

1.) I do not need pomp or luxury – I prefer a life of simplicity.

2.) I live without meat, drugs (any kind), eggs, fish. So I am a lacto-vegetarian for some reasons: ethical reason, not to even passively support the killing of animals, karmic reason: everything undergoes karmic reactions, so there is no way out to avoid karma, even when eating, but plant-food is living food, not dead food. Holy people said in this connection: “Do not make your body a grave…” as meat is dead – and since I am a vegi since many many years, I smell the odour of decomposition whenever I am in the super-market going shopping, having sometimes to pass by the meat-department…

Saints described the karmic effect that animal-food has a higher load of karma (karmic effects) than vegetarian food – this has something to do with consciousness as well:

Excerpt from: The spiritual aspect of the vegetarian diet (Sant Kirpal Singh)

“In the minerals – life is asleep,
In the plants – life dreams,
In the birds and every beast, life awakes,
and in man life is already awake.

Thus, we are brothers of all creatures, plants, birds and other animals. The flowers and trees, sparrows and pigeons are like members of our own kind. How simple, pure, loving and beautiful they are! We should learn from them to lead a life of purity, sacred simplicity and divine love.”
Sant Kirpal Singh

While eating living food (plants) we get life into our body, while eating meat and fish (dead food) we bring death in our body.

But we all have to decide for ourselves what to eat, how to eat, in which thought and atmosphere we eat, as we all are responsible for ourselves (so it is not my task to convince anybody to eat vegetarian food – he or she has to decide him- or herself – but it is also good to inform ourselves from the spiritual point of view about it.

When I was much younger I myself have been a meat- and fish-eater, so I know the other side very well too…

3.) It is good to live without anger, hate, greed, lust, attachment – in this way we can control our mind that always tries to control us.

4.) To live without lies and half-truths, any crime done to others.

5.) To live without violence in thoughts, words and deeds and also to be without imperiousness, wilful deception, deceit, hypocrisy, dishonest earned income (money should be earned by the sweat of our brow – no gambling or bets etc.), no vanity of knowledge, pride to have possession (as God has made us to administer His possessions and gifts He has given us – as nothing belongs to us – only the ego tells: this is mine…) and last but not least I can be without “intoxication of influence and power”.

At least I try to avoid this all that I have mentioned, although I am not always successful… as I am on my developing way, not perfect and still with plenty of shortcomings that needs to be rooted out…

Thank you for your attention.
All what is good for your soul.

For tomorrow (day 4): 5 Pet Peeves


Silent hug


Silent hug

Feel the beat
In your heart
Dance in silence
Off the mind noise
Connecting light
Pulse of life
In the change
With the wind
Blowing time
Leaving memories
On dersert sand
Traces intact
Of love and light
Warm hugs
From heart to heart

DidiArtist, 05.04.2017


Man – like a chameleon


Man like a chameleon

What colours do we adopt?

The colour of pride?
Of happiness?
Of love?
Of hate?
Of humbleness?
Of egotism?
Of peace?
Of anger?
Of compassion?
Of sexual desires?
Of unattachment?
Of dependence?
Of greed?
Of independence?
Of darkness?
The colour of light?

We adopt just this colour
According to the reaction of our mind…

However, we are not mind and body
We are a collective consciousness
Drop of the Ocean beyond beginning and end
Connected to each other in this “higher Self”

Colour of life and light

DidiArtist, 22.06.2014


How we talk to people…


How we talk to people…

Sometimes we speak with honey melons
Sometimes with grapefruit
Sometimes with pepper
Sommetimes even with chili
Sometimes we speak with lemons
Sometimes with onions –
And through the whole
Range of vegatables

So our mind is a special vegetable… 🙂

DidiArtist, 02.04.2017


Tears of the creation


Tears of the creation

Glance into the abyss
Birth of worlds
Crystalline creations
Echo in the very moment

Agitated Being
Break in experience
Life in facets
Opened space

Timeless clouds
Are passing by
Torrent of life
Raining seed

Observer at the edge
Of time and space
Flow of reflections
Into eternity

Moments merging together
Receive happiness/misery
Break of the Being
Symbiosis of laughing/crying

DidiArtist, 19.10.2013