At the beach of memories



Beach of memories

Marbled patterns
In the sand
Wind of moments
Writing living stories
Of touching glimpses

Sound of time
Like waves
Rinsing ashore
Reading in the past
The dance of light
Rewinded life

Transparent pearls
Filling the eyes
While gulls screaming
Bringing presence
A tear to yesterday
A smile today
Releasing the moment
On sandy pages

DidiArtist, 07.08.2010



8 comments on “At the beach of memories

      • Ok here it goes, how come your posts gain 45 likes in the first 5 minutes of publishing and then only 15 (at max) in the next 24 hours? Do you ask your followers to stay online the time you schedule your posts?

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        • No, dear friend, simply I use the time schedule in which you can place also older post which already had over 40 likes – at the moment I do not have so much time to create new digital photos – so this is a good opportunity to resend old post at certain times (times that you like to put) – you can find it under all post: the on the right side there is one place where you can edit your post you wish to resend again and you just put also the time you want your post to be placed. – thats all.

          Hope I could help you.

          A nice weekend to you

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