Is it human?

not human


Is it human?

Is it human to enslave mankind?
Is it human to control all and everything?
Is it human to kill for lust of power?
Is it human to be judge over life and death?
Is it human to hide and operate in darkness?

If it is not human
What is it then?…

DidiArtist, 24.11.2013



9 comments on “Is it human?

    • Yes, sure Mathias. The questions remains if also those who are responsible (Majestic 12 -group) and even those behind them – want it too. I have read and studied much about it – my opinion is that they want to control us and keep us controlled (about this group it is said that Rockefellers, Morgans, Rothschilds and others are the shadow government) – However, impossible to explain this huge subject in a few words (there is even another big thing behind)

      Thanks for your comment and have a nice day 🙂
      All the best

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      • Hi Didi. Thanks for your interesting answer. Possibly I know what you mean and I may have a similar view. We are getting tempted, distracted by the ones who protect their privileges and wealth; much like bread and circuses. I even find the image of human live stock not absurd at all, as people are just kept alive and “happy” enough to contribute to the profit that is finally owned by only a few who inherited their possibilities, power, and wealth. And it’s not that they are necessarily smarter. If I was born in a poor region, with bad access to education, etc., I wouldn’t have achieved the same. You are right, these are just some basics, and how the whole systems work involves a couple of other big topics too:-). Let’s work on it. Have a great day too!

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        • Yes, I agree with you, Mathias – we are even kept dull (also by the mass-media to manipulate us) – we only see the tip of an ice-berg…

          Thanks for your detailed comment 🙂
          All the best

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