Devoted to my Master’s aniversary, Sant Kirpal Singh Ji

On this photo the Ohm-sign on the forehead of my Master can clearly be seen.


My dear friends,

Today is a special day – it is the aniversary of my Master Sant Kirpal Singh Ji. His universal teaching were taught by all competent Masters in the past in different regions and times as well as in different religions to make us understand: we are all one – but do we treat us as one? Do we have respect to each of us or are we not slaves of our own mind that brings us here and there in the wind of change, like a chameleon changing it colours in the mirror of actions and reactions? What love is it, when we sort out: I love him and her but not this or that person – this is a chosen love by our mind – it separates, it does not unite. If we truely love God, our father, then we should love His whole creation, no exception to the rule. Christ said: “God loves the sinner but not his sins…” – in this way we should all have respect and love to everyone as in everyone God resides. We live in God and God lives in us – our body is His true temple, at the seat of our heart (not the physical heart, but the seat of the soul – where life will leave at the time of death: the third eye or as written in the bible: the single eye) – Let us see where we stand and what we can do to change ourselves – this is our responsibility and this will bring us nearer unity and oneness – once we understand unity in our heart, we no longer will see the mistakes of other, but go to the root from where these thoughts come from – and finally find that those shadow thoughts are coming from our own ego. So we have to start to change ourselves – noone can do it for us – we all have to do this step alone, then we are able to see our own mistakes and no longer the mistakes of others, then we start to weed out those mistakes one by one thereby becoming more and more conscious, aware of ourselves what we are, who we are from where we came and where we have to go…

The key lies in: love, in real love not by a separating love, a love for everyone. Then compassion and empathy will grow too. In the Bible we have: “Love and everything else will be added onto you!” But first of all we have to differentiate what really love is: the love from the soul or the love from our ego…

In future I am going to introduce to you the History of Sant Kirpal Singh, of Dr. Harbhajan Singh and his wife Biji Surinder Kaur as well as the history of Kirpal Sagar, a place that belongs to the whole mankind and where all religions are peacefully under one roof .

I wish you all peace and love in your heart
Yours Didi

P.S. – in the coming days I am going to answer all your comments written in the last few months during my absence from wordpress.