Happy International Women’s Day


My appreciation to all women in this world.
May women and men have equal rights likewise
Earn the same money for the same job
Are respected with dignity
And treated with open hearts
In thankfulness for giving life
From generation to generation
Raising children
Taking care of the family
Spreading perfume of love and selfless service

Thank you, dear ladies 🙂

DidiArtist, 08.03.2018


16 comments on “Happy International Women’s Day

    • Thanks, dear Manuela 🙂

      We all should treat us as human beings with no advantage on either side but that we treat us equally in respect und appreciation.

      Also for a Happy woman’s day, dear friend 🙂

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  1. So,your sweet attention to all women and a poem ( I just write it) to figurate cruelty in a very bad reality.

    Images of a woman

    Outline images
    instincts without a guide
    in the horror of gestures
    to turn off a voice
    Was it perhaps love
    the passion in the eyes
    and the hand that presses
    not to scream?
    What were the promises
    of a cozy nest
    if then as a claw
    have you profaned life?

    08.03.2018 Poetyca

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    • Thanks for your realistic poem, dear Dany – indeed, in this world, many women have to suffer – all those women have my compassion and may God help them and plant good thoughts and better understanding in those men who treat their women and wives badly. May this understanding go into the hearts of both men and women.

      Thanks, dear Dany
      Have nice evening

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