Love for God


The water is running
From top of the mountain
And so is God’s grace
From heaven to earth

Separating love is
No love, is limited

Do we build houses to put
The foundation stone at last?

Do we start loving a few like
Family, friends, spouses
And forget the rest?

When we start loving God
It is the foundation stone
For the home of love
Offering space for everyone

DidiArtist, 03.04.2017



11 comments on “Love for God

    • Yes, we should have love for everyone and this also means: We love the sinner, but not his sins… – in this way we can love everyone – and forgive and forget as well…
      Thank you very much, my dear Jen 🙂
      All what is good for your soul


    • Thank you, dear friend
      Yes, it is our mind that keeps us busy, running to fulfil one wish after the after to collect in our hands a bit happiness… then we forget the most important thing, the sense of our life, the life-giver, God and go astray…

      Thank you so much, dear friend 🙂
      All the best


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