Thank you for the Mystery Blogger Award





Thank you (02):

I have been nominated for “The Mystery Blogger Award” by Alicia. My sincere thank to you, dear Alice, I feel honoured to be given this award by you!


Alicia’s blog is specialized on cooking. All her veggi food attracks me and surely she is a great cook in it. So please, dear blogger, who is similar interested in vegetarian food, visit Alicia’s blog and let your mouth make water 🙂 Thanks, my dear friend Alicia.

Rules (03):

01. Place the logo on your blog.
02. Thank your nomination to who nominated you and provide a link to your blog.
03. List the rules
04. Mention the creator of the prize and also provide a link.
05. Tell your readers three things about you.
06. Answer the 5 questions you have got
07. Ask your nominees five questions that you choose; with a strange or funny question (specify)
08. Share a link to your best publications
09. Nominate 10-20 people (blogs)
10. Notify the nominees by commenting on their blog.


What is the “Mystery Blogger Award”? (04):

The “Mystery Blogger Award” is an award for unique bloggers with witty messages. The blog not only captivates but inspires and motivates. They are one of the best bloggers that exist, and they deserve all the recognitions they get. This award is also for bloggers who have fun and inspire in blogs; and they do it with love and passion. – Okoto Enigma

He decided to call the prize “Mystery Blogger Award” because the meaning of his name, “Enigma”, is “mystery”. So it bears the name of its creator. In addition, it is a very appropriate name because there are many blogs that are still a mystery for all of us and when we know them, they result being extraordinary.


Three things about me (05):

1. Since 24 years I am travelling to India, about 360 km north of Delhi. There is a place called “Kirpal Sagar – translated: Ocean of Grace” which was established by Dr. Harbhajan Singh and his wife Biji Surinder Kaur according to the instructions given by Sant Kirpal Singh, who commissioned them to build up this place. At the beginning a handful of people have started with this work. Then more and more people joined from all over the world. Understanding was born that mankind must have a place where not only spirituality can be received, but also where social help, ethical and moral teaching can be given. So a hospital was built there to help the poor and needy people to give them free treatment, medication and even operations. One can find a school there too with about 600 students, there ethical values of life are taught to have respect from man to man. All religions are peacefully under one roof three and already 2 major World-Conference were held there with poeple from different religions who all focused on love for everyone and unity of man. At this place selfless service can be carried out – not with pride, but with the heart that we are not the Doers, but that everything is done by God’s will. This place is open for the whole mankind, it belongs to whole mankind.

For people interested in this project I would like to refer you to this link:

2. I love children (in fact I love everyone with the motto as Saints have put it: “Love the sinner, but not his sins…”) and see in them the hope in our future.

3. To help people should become a habit in our everyday life. There are so many things in our daily life in which we can practize this kind of help: we can start listening in a better way, when other people have a saying, we can help old people who have difficulties to across the street, as car driver we also can start to be more thoughtful, or when someone asks something that we do not get angry but answer in a friendly way. I have noticed that especially in bigger towns that people tend to have less patience. So when we can practize kindness, help, wherever possible, we slowly bring peace not only in us but also in others and our children will be happy to see their parents balanced and happy. Little things can be our start. In course of time they will bring a change in our life. Everything is a matter of practice and so we should not live in words, but in our deeds.

My answers to the questions asked by Alicia (06):

1.) What would be the perfect cooking blog for you?
It would be a vegetarian blog and as I am a lacto-vegetarian, I would even dispense with all lacto means – so that in this blog all vegetarians: lacto, ovo and vegans – can be addressed to.
When opening this world of fresh fruit and vegetables – we surely will be surprised what it has on offer for us.

2.) What food do you like the most?
I like broccoli, coliflower, eggplant, new potatoes (in Finland the new potatoes, due to the long light have an extremely good tast – together with much dill, together with a bit salt and butter – uff very delicious – excuse me: I have made myself hungry and have to go eating… LOL), I love avokado too and pulses as well as fresh fruit.

3.) What is the most important meal of the day and why?
For me it is imporatant that I take care to have enough proteins and a balanced diet. I also eat every now and then walnuts in which the veggis can find and have even omega 3.

4.) Have you ever eaten directly from the fridge, standing with the door open?
Yes, I have done so and every now and then I still do it. But I would only do it when it is sure that noone else drinks for example from the bottle from which I directly drank from.

5.) Do you think it is important to observe the norms of behavior at the table and good manners?
I think it matters really how we eat, where we eat, when we eat and what we eat. Our mind is very sensitive. It will show reactions when for example eat and watch a film at the same time, we speak at the table without concentrating on what and how much we eat. The place where to eat should always be clean this conveys a good fundament when eating. If something is in disorder we surely will find this disorder in ourselves. It is also necessary to eat consciously, means to chew the food long enough which helps for the digestion too and with this we can avoid that we eat too fast (in doing so we also become greedy…). When eating, while eating, with good thoughts it will have positive influence and effect to our thoughts and mind. As many from us have become fast-food eater the result is: imbalance, our mind changes the colour in all direction and we are not able to concentrate just on one thing at a time. The more we become conscious people the more more we take care of how we give food to our mind and body – done in the right way, we give also food to our soul by it.


My questions for the nominees (7):

1.) Do you believe in a life after death?
2.) Do you believe that other intelligent life-forms exists?
3.) Do you believe that mankind’s history is exactly as we were taught?
4.) Do you believe that we stem from apes?
5.) Do you believe what governments tell us?

Please, state reasons to all 5 questions.

Link to my best publication (8):

My nominees (9):

Participation is not a must – its a voluntary matter.

Love and sunshine to all bloggers.




13 comments on “Thank you for the Mystery Blogger Award

  1. Congratulations dear Didi!!! You have such a beautiful blog, filled with light, beauty and infinite wisdom!!! Thank you also for your nomination! I will be delighted to participate in the next couple of days and take the “plunge” with your very thought-provoking questions! I look forward to starting these conversations going 🙂
    Sending light , love and joy your way, Namaste!!! Amira

    Liked by 2 people

    • Thanks, my dear friend Amira – as I wrote earlier: the credit goes to my Master Sant Kirpal Singh -without Him, without His teaching I am nothing and even with Him, I am nothing, just an empty vessel filled with His teaching and words.

      Thank you very much, dear Amira 🙂
      Love and light to you too

      Liked by 1 person

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