Appreciation Award given by Sound Eagle




Thank you very much, dear “Sound Eagle” for having given me your Appreciation Award ๐Ÿ™‚

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What is important for me:

To share the message of love and unity that we are all One, that we should see us all from the level of man – then there is no difference, even when classified in different countries, cultures, skin-colour and creeds, religions. Under the common denominator as a man with the same birth rights to develop consciousness, to live in peace and harmony together, to understand that we are all sitting in the same boat, then we are able to tear down all borders between us. In this Oneness we are one family, all brothers and sisters in Him and we all have the same task: to fulfil the purpose of our life, to understand who we are, what we are and where we have to go when leaving our body. In this connection we have to get to know ourselves. Well, we may think that we know ourselves, but why you get angry, why you do this or think that? because there are motives and reasons behind, also reactions – in this case we are often the plaything of our mind. It drags us here and there while our soul is watching all this doing helplessly as we are under control of our mind. So we have to get to know this mind in us, how it works, we have to understand it. This is called: Man know thyself – When we go to a foreign country we may be attacked by animals, we may eat something that will have bad effects to us and so on, but once we have learnt from it, once we know what kind of wild animals there are, what kind of uneatable plants there are, what kind of traps await us there – then we know and similar it is with our mind: we have to get to know the wild animals, the uneatable plants and traps in us – do we know? – I would say we have not even started this journey in ouself. It is a self-analysis to get to know who I am. And I can only become a better person, when I know myself, when I know my strengths and weaknesses. The more I look into myself, there more I will be aware of my shortcomings. Once I know them I can weed them out one by one. Another advantage of this inner journey to discover oneself is that we no longer have time to critisize other, to find mistakes in others, to blame others etc. then we are so much absorbed in us that we will not find any time to put the blame on others. The tool for having a deep look inside ourselves is Honesty – we have to be honest to ourselves, in a very serious way, then we will be also honest to others and to God in us. In doing so we surely will find big treasures in us… The result will be as Gandhi has put it: “If you want to see a change in the world, be the change…”

Thank you for your attention and patience
All good wishes to everyone







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