Like a vulcano



There are human beings
Full of power

You can’t trust
Nor ignore them

In moments silent
Suddenly erruptive

They are unpredictable
Destructive, explosive

That makes them so dangerous…

DidiArtist, 07.03.2014



Which path is ours?


Path of ego: service to itself
Path of God: service to man
Path of ego: seperates selfishly
Path of God: unites – is Oneness
Path of ego: moments of “happiness”
Path of God: permanent happiness

DidiArtist, 17.01.2017


One in All


If “mine and thine” is cast off
You and I are one

If I is given up, reality begins
Drop in the Ocean

If I is lost
YOU are found

If ego has gone
You have come, the ONE

If I is dissolved
All is borderless









DidiArtist, 11.04.2018


Unbreakable Life



All is life
That wanders
In the change
Of transformation

Wedding of dust and spirit
Symbiotic honeymoon
Getting lost
Finding again
Mutual journey

Vibrating in time
Like waves on high seas
Meeting space
Striking back – ripples
Of cosmic winds

Life, forged spirit
Of matter and space
Mutating, breaking time
Leaves the host
Gives new shape

Wandering through eternity
Detached from dust and sand…

DidiArtist, 04.12.2018


A happy soul is…

Dear friends,

My friend Kamal has inspired me to write some lines of a happy soul.
Please, check out her great blog-site, full of wisdom and spiritual richness.

Indeed we are soul, love and light – however, our mind stands often inbetween our inner happiness and covers it with its own permanent changing colour.

Thank you, my dear friend Kamal 🙂
Radiation of love may reach all hearts