A Happy New Year to everyone!

My dear friends,
Again one year has passed and we can ask us where we stand.
Could we make progress on our inner path, the path of spirituality or are we still equipped with old worn out pathes and habits (bad habits) – then it is time to change.

Each of us has to see where he or she stands – honestly we have to ask ourselves where to make improvements. If we take our path seriously we surely will make progress. There are things we have to give up, and things we have to give space into our daily life, positive things. As Gandhi has put it: “Be the change if you wish to see a change in the world…” No-one can take away our own responsibility, each of us has to take this responsibility and be aware of: caring and sharing, helping and supporting, in service to man – there are our real human roots…
May we all enter the path of harmony and love among us.
Be strongly embraced with good wishes for 2019
Your friend Didi

Some words given by my Master Sant Kirpal Singh Ji:


8 comments on “A Happy New Year to everyone!

  1. Thank you dear Didi! Yes, this is an opportunity to reflect on the year past, the things we no longer need in our lives, and to decide what needs to improve or change as we continue on our path to grow each day a little more loving and peaceful, spreading more compassion and kindness, and spending more time on our inner journey of discovery.
    Happy New Year dear friend, and to all Peace, Love and Light! 🙂

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    • Thank you very much, dear Amira 🙂
      Our life is not yet linear, it behaves like sinus curve and we have to fall down from the horse (our mind) many times, until we have learnt to control it with the help and grace of God. So a good horse rider has to learn from his mistakes, thus has to fall down many times before he is able to master his horse…
      Love and light on your path and everyone
      A Happy New Year, my friend!

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