Appearance is deceptive


Sometimes we are angry
Because we do not get what we expect
And sweep the present we have got
Under the carpet
With a smile on our face
And an alibi in our hands…

DidiArtist, 07.07.2018



13 comments on “Appearance is deceptive

      • Thanks Didi!! I have to laugh because as I write this to you we are having lightning, thunder and a heavy downpour (which we need)!!! There is sunshine and happiness in my heart though! Thank you, My Friend!!

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        • Hi, dear Chuck

          Yes also lightning belongs to light… LOL and sometimes we have those lightning in our head too as sudden flashes of insperations 🙂

          Also here in Finland, nature is too dry this summer, we need also more rain – last year it was opposite: a rainy summer and too cold.

          Have a great Sunday, my friend 🙂


  1. I never excect anything so when I recieve a gift, I’m appreciative. 🙂 It’s more about the thought than the actual item. I’m one for gifts from the heart that are more personal.


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