Near and far


There where we think to be
Close to like-minded people
We often find us
Far away from them…

Which seems to be
A Fata Morgana…
In the heat
Of the mind…

DidiArtist, 07.03.2017


Leaking life: Past and Presence

Past is
A sunken boat
With a load
Full of moments
Leaking life
In a row
Of a capsized
Turning into
Dead moments…

DidiArtist 11.05.2017

Separation versus Unity


There are many trees in a forest
And so are many people in this world
The tree does not see the forest
And man does not see mankind
The single drop separates from the water
Searching for the water
But we all are One
One forest
One mankind
One water

Separation is fear, is ego, is shadow
Unity is love, consciousness, life and light

Should we continue to live in this shadow
In the mirror of our mind?

Our destination is –
See Oneness
Understand Oneness
Live Oneness

Once we see, understand, live Oneness
We become Oneness…

DidiArtis, 27.01.2018

Sant Kirpal Singh: competence between the Sant and Param Sant differs

My dear friends,

This time we may hear the difference between a Sant and a Param Sant

For you all a happy time



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