One wrong word



People are sometimes like porcelain
One wrong word can smash them…

DidiArtist, 21.07.2018




24 comments on “One wrong word

  1. That is true, especially for a very young child who has learned nothing but trust. When that trust is broken with one bad word, the child cannot understand because it has no tools to deal with such things. It is best to be kind to everyone because one can break only so many dishes before they get cut themselves.

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    • Yes, dear Carly, and this is due to, wild horse in us, the mind that is, unfortunately, in control of our soul – and this should be in fact vice versa – now we are like a chamelon that changes its colour every moment…
      Thanks, my dear friend – all good wishes

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      • Very poetic description there, Didi! Yes, we change our colors every minute. I wish we worried what man thought less and invested our mind in the thoughts of God towards us more! 🙂

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        • Yes, exactly, dear Carly – as we think we become, so more we absorb us in the thoughts of God, in sweet remembrance of Him, the more we adopt His colours – the good attributes of Him. We must empty us from ourselves and as long there is I and ego we have our chair inbetween two rooms: He or us… when we become empty from ourselves in all humbleness and respect, by the grace and love of our Father, then God can sit in us and we are in His will…

          Thank you very much, my dear Carly, for your precious comment 🙂

          Have a great weekend

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