Words precede deeds

Our words alone
Cannot put deeds
Into practice:
It requires doing…

Only then we can be
In harmony with ourselves
When there is no difference
Between words and deeds

And thoughts precede words/deeds…

DidiArtist, 04.03.2018


34 comments on “Words precede deeds

    • Yes, dear Chuck, this is the true balance – then there is real harmony in us, when thoughts, words and deeds are same, then there is no acting and posing , no empty promise just by words – and this means also: to be true to oneself – a condition we all should strive for.
      Thanks my friend and have a wonderful morning and day.


  1. Didi sir impressive thoughts. In fact our thoughts remain confined to theory only till such time we put them into practice and experience them.


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    • Yes, this awareness which precedes thought is the awareness of the soul – the thought is already translated, already belongs to the mind…

      Thanks for your valuable words, my friend πŸ™‚
      Have a nice weekend

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