We judge people
Even without knowing them
And put them into a drawer
Where they are kept
For months and years
Pinpointed imagination
Of their traits
As they APPEAR to us…

DidiArtist, 17.03.2017


16 comments on “Prejudices

    • When there are problems between two persons (or more) they should always be solved directly, not via other peopel – however judging people is not really possible as we do not live the lives of others and are not able to understand the long-term background that made them doing this or that. In the term judging there is always a hidden comparation: “you are like this, I am like that – better or higher”. However, when mistakes are made then we can solve them peacefully from face to face without judging a person.
      Thanks, my friend and have a good time

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  1. Dear Didi your Artwork is Beautiful. We have to beware of judging others. What ever measure one uses to judge another, they will be meant with that same measure. Thank you for sharing Didi

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