Ships of life


We steer our lives
Along by friend-ship
Discover comrade-ship
Foster fellow-ship

Perceive battel-ships
Dispute over owner-ships
Anchored to dictator-ships
Where people take on hard-ships

Waves crashing against our ship
Between censor-ship and freedom
Take part in the champion-ship
Of the apprentice-ship of sailing lives

One day our ship will reach the port
Where harmony and love reign
Between man and man: partnership
Ship’s name: Relation Ship

DidiArtis, 31.05.2018



22 comments on “Ships of life

    • Thanks, dear Cheryl 🙂
      Often we simply overlook in the words more meanings and sometimes when having a close look at it we discover more “word-layers” and meanings.
      A great weekend to you

      Liked by 1 person

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    • Thank you very much, dear Amira – sitting in peace and silence I get many inspirations to write pomes or aphorisms – it is like music you compose playing on the strings of life.

      Also for you a happy day


    • …and it makes me happy, when you are happy with “my” thoughts and words – the credit goes to my Master as He was the one who has to me so much about life and mind.

      Thank you one more time, dear friend 🙂


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