Fooling ourselves


Sometimes we make a show
To earn a tribute
Of appreciation and applause
To ignite pride in us
Without knowing
That we run into the trap
Of our own mind

The show must go on?…

DidiArtist, 21.12.2016

13 comments on “Fooling ourselves

    • Thank you, dear friend ๐Ÿ™‚

      …not only into our own tantrums – there are many many traps and 5 thieves in us: ego, greed, anger, lust and attachment – alone when we are attached to wishes that we want to fulfil – in reality it is a game of the mind, keeping us as prisoners, divert our attention to wishes, to jump from one wish to the next, to obtain some happiness for a short time. However this keeps us away from our own spiritual development. It is like that: if a waterhose has many holes, the water will be spilled here and there and at the end maybe very little water is coming (attention) .

      So thank you very much, dear friend and have a good time.

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