Life – in the wind of time


Thoughts sow the seed
Of liveliness into the world

Ideas are born
Become alive

Light-Thoughts – part of the creation
Vibrate, manifestate

Create life
In the wind of time

Bear fruit in the presence…

DidiArtist, 08.05.2017

On a larger as well as on a smaller scale

Nations fight nations
Towns in rivalry
Hate arises
Violence at the horizon

Villages set boundaries
Sports atrophied into enemies
Exciting the minds
Polluting hearts

Families fight families
Blood-filled hatred
Tear the right
Trample on respect, human values

Bothers and sister
Clashing minds
Radiate their ego:
Envy and competion

Where lies this evil?
In our own mind
Root of good and evil
Changing in the wind

Time to get down
To the root of our troubles
Time to understand
Who we really are…

Man know thyself…

DidiArtist, 27.01.2018