Believe in the heart


Tears in my heart,
Reflecting in the sun,
Smoothly carry life.
Flowers in the air,
Coloured in the breath.

You, the light ,
The path in moments,
Hand in hand,
To follow heart,
A rose of my life,
A dance of souls

Fountain of my happiness,
Life in my life,
How quickly a man can fall
On the edge of a mountain
With the wrong choice
That mind has suggested

Tears in my heart,
Listen to it,
And truth reveals;
For mind is blind,
Lost in the moment.

Listen to your heart
And feel the true colours
The rainbow touching you
Believe in the heart
Not in the mind
A fool of black and white

DidiArtist, 20.04.2010


25 comments on “Believe in the heart

  1. I’ve been learning about the study of yin and yang and I learned about the mind as more of the yang our physical being and the yin our soul and heart…our inner essence as it were. That the yin needs to learn to balance the yang so that we’re listening to our inner voice and balancing the mind body and spirit. Your beautiful poem made me think of this.😊✨❤️✨

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    • Thank you very much for your insight sharing dear friend 🙂
      When everything is ONE then dualism are the opposites – Yin and Yang – Male and Female are in a way harmonic to each other – nevertheless they are still separated, otherwise we would not have two: yin and yang – soul is indeed from the same essence as of God, it is the drop that needs to be merged back into the Ocean – Only then there is Oneness again. Soul is now separated due to the mind, the mind is the dress of the soul in the body and controls the soul. However, it is the soul that gives power to the mind but mind abuses it – therefore we are egoistic, separated in a world of Maya. We do not have only this physical body, but we are like an onion with several layers and bodies – so there is the physical world, the astral world, the causal world and supercausal world – above there is the realm of pure consciousness with no matter and the journey continues until the 8th plane, the Absolute God – all what we read can help us bit – but it is necessary to put all into practice what the competent Masters have taught us, which is a universal teaching – then it is possible for us to have the same experience as the Masters we could read from their holy scriptures: seeing is believing. Mind is in fact a bad master but can be a good servant for the soul. Now our soul suffers, because we have so much indentified with the body that many of us believe: we are the body – but we are not the body – we are conscious entities, unfortunately under heavy veils of the mind, so that our inner light is covered. Only when we go beyond our body-consciousness then we are able to see that we are not the body (it does not mean just go to the astral plane but to rise about the worlds until the 5th plane which is called Sach Khand. Kabir said: The whole world is sleeping as we are under control of the mind. But if there is one candle and has caught fire, it can give light to many other candles as well. With our outgoing faculties our mind creates a breach in the being (that is and was one: but Maya allows to make two of it, and creates opposites: passiv and active, darkness and light, good and evil – and creates with it duality – but the reality is that is is only ONE noone is separated from God, God is witin and nothing else exits than God – otherwise His own creation would be separated from Him would have no direct contact – so we are in the Ocean and the Ocean is in us. When we lose our I then we can merge again with the Ocean – the I or Ego creates Illusion and thinks that “I have done something” but: also the shadow thinks: it is moving but in fact it is the light that is moving the shadow… “When the single eye is open the whole body will be full of light… according to Christ – there are other terms for “Single Eye” Shiv Netra, Inner Eye, Third Eye, Divya Chakshu terms used in different religions – knock at the tens door and it will be opened: means man has nine outward going openings but there is one which leads inside, the tenth door, between and behind the eye brows. With the help of a competent Master it is possible to go inside at this tenth door which leads us beyond the body consciousness and the dangers lieing within. However, this is a huge subject and cannot be told in a few sentence. If you are interested in it: then I recommend to read some books Master Sant Kirpal Singh has written:

      two more books I would like to recommend to you by Kabir:
      Anurag Sagar and “The dialogues of Kabir” –
      Really beautiful spiritual books, not just based on theory but on practice which we all can have too when we are true seekers of the truth, when there is a strong yearning to get to know God, the purpose of our life.

      I am sorry for having written so much, but this subject is indeed really big and requires a lot to know.

      Thank you very much, my dear friend
      In thankfulness

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