Dictated foe image


Grown up with foe images
To stoke up hate and violence
Competition of good and bad
Of mutual menaces

Lies and propaganda
In the name of justice
Protecting people and country
To stir up conflicts

Who has an interest
To sow hostilities
That humans fight
Against each other?

Creating a devision
In one’s own head
A battlefield of oneself
A fire of the mind

Battles carried outside
Not knowing
That our biggest enemy
Lies inside in ourselves

Who or what obtains an advantage
Of this human weakness?

DidiArtist, 28.11.2013


15 comments on “Dictated foe image

    • Indeed, dear friend – once we are in control of our mind and its thousand tentacles, then we will see a big change in the world – we carry our own battleworld into the world…
      Thanks for sharing, dear friend πŸ™‚
      Best wishes


    • The problem is, dear Harbans, that we are still more animal than humans – we need only look hwo our world is: violence, corruption, abuses of power, lust, hatred – all kind of negative things that influence whole mankind – however there are also many positive things that is true too – but we need to become man first, human, and this means to help the poor the and need , people who are weak, service to man, service to land, service, to soul and service to God is needed: this all we find in spiritual development, in man-making: man know thyself…
      Thanks my friend for sharing your thoughts and words with me πŸ™‚
      All what is good for your soul

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      • Didi sir, your sagacious commentary is in the right direction. Everybody wants to have power and pelf by any means whatsoever without realising that the acquired wealth with corrupt practices will give us temporary happy for appeasement of our senses but we need to do everything for a permanent happiness which is got through earning goodwill which will help us to have permanent/eternal happiness – i.e. soul oriented happiness.

        In fact, we have lost track of our purpose of life. We think that we have got this life only for enjoyment only – forgetting the real way of getting this happiness.


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        • Thank you very much, dear Harbans. Absolutely right, dear friend and as Kabir has put it: “No one in this world is really happy – this kind of ever-lasting happiness comes when we totally surrender to God, then we lose our ego and we are able to sit in His will. We need nothing more than Him as He is pure love, Ocean of Consciousness, real life, – then all our wishes crumble away…

          Thanks, my friend πŸ™‚
          Let us put our attention in Him
          Warm regards

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          • Didi sir, it is a fact that we cannot be totally happy till such time we ‘surrender’ ourselves to God and transact our assigned jobs in a detached way – without caring for the result of our Karma. Slthough it is easeir said than done but without it we cannot be having eternal happiness.



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            • Yes, we have to detach from ourselves, from our deeds, from which believe that we are doing them, but there is only One Doer. Being aware of the consequences of our thoughts, words and deeds, not to have a bad harvest – this consciousness will surely let us control our mind to a certain extent and while living in such a state that we always know that He is the Doer – then He becomes responsible for us and we merge into His will. Indeed, this is not easy at all, as mind is like a snake in us, biting us every now and then…

              Thanks, a lot for your contribution and comments, dear friend πŸ™‚
              May God bless you

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