Reflection/Illusion (by Kabir)


Kabir says that the man-condition is like a dog in the house of mirror,

which barks at his own reflection and that is due to ignorance,

that is due to illusion, very big illusion. That is what everyone is doing.

Dr. Harbhajan Singh


19 comments on “Reflection/Illusion (by Kabir)

  1. This is a beautiful teaching about the human condition, Didi. It also helps me understand why it is that being silent and staring at our β€œreflection” helps us step past the illusion. praying Love and Light surround you today, jen

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    • Dear Jen,

      Thank your very much for your words of positive contribution – indeed, it is our self-analysis that helps to understand (through reflection in silent moments) the functioning of our own mind (which is like a snake and slip through your fingers whenever you think you have got it – the 1000-headed hydra in us). Unfortunately our mind controls our soul, although it is the soul that gives the power to the mind. So the mind is a bad master but can be a good servant once the soul is in control of the mind – then all illusion disappears (duality) – and we are able to see Oneness…

      From heart to heart

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    • My dear friend,

      If strong yearning for God is there, then God Himself will take arrangements to connect the seeker for truth beyond illusions, Maya and doubts. The true world is in us, not outside…there we will find the temple of God…

      Thanks my friend and all good wishes

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