Kirpal Sagar Academy

Dear friends,

More than 25 years ago a school was established in Kirpal Sagar where the students are taught human values, respect and kindness and where they can develop humility and spirituality to bring peace among human beings.

Today this academy has more than 600 students and is an extraordinary example in the whole world.

I embrace you with my love



For more information please, refer here:



17 comments on “Kirpal Sagar Academy

    • Welcome, my dear Ragazza, yes it is like a small paradise and all religions are peacefully under one roof. It is a wonderful place where spirituality, moral and ethic is taught. There is also a hospital so that poor people can get free operations and medication.

      In one week I am going to fly to Kirpal Sagar (first to Delhi, then 8 hours by bus to north of Delhi)
      All the best my friend and have a nice weekend


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