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      • Completely and your video was awesome Didi on Thrive. What have these few people at the top completely changed our world to stay comfortably in money. U know I am watching Samadhi 1&2 it is superb all to do with our true self.

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        • Indeed, my friend – there is a small group of super-rich people who control more or less the whole world – Some hundred years ago there were esoteric groups hidden within the society, – one of these groups belongs and belonged to the Masonic Lodge with their hierachic system, on top of this system therer are those, who look down to their subordinates who have less and less knowledge – what is behind all this – then in the 50ties we had the Majestic 12 group, then Jasons, the Scull and Bones and Builder Burgers… they all belong to a kind of secrete group with much much power over the people of the rest of the world.

          Yes, the true Self in us, or in other terms: Over-Self, God in us, we can become aware of, to realize it when first we have Self-realisation. So first comes Self-realisation, then God realisation – this is a matter of practice, because in theory we can never reach this state.

          Thanks for you staying at my side with all your supporting comments, dear Kamal 🙂

          Hugs and love 🙂


          • Welcome 😊😊😊😊 always dear friend Didi and if u come across such eye opening movies and how to go towards our self realization do tell me. Yes there is nothing but God and we r all that but to go to that awareness we require to practice and be knowing who we really are. Thanks so much for your motivating thoughts. In love and light 😊😊😊😊😊

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            • Thank you, dear Kamal 🙂
              I am going to answer your comment later in the course of the day regarding: “how to go towards our self realization…”

              From heart to heart 🙂


                • How to go towards our self realization

                  Of course this cannot be explained in a few words or sentences. First of all I want to warn all seekers of the truth that they do not fall victom of so-called Masters – they can only help you up to a level of their own, but they cannot give you a real first-hand experience of inner light and sound – and if their “disciples” say: yes, we have seen the light, yes we have heard the inner sound – then we have again to differentiate: Almost all Yogas lead you to the astral, at best to the causal plane – but what they do not know: it still belongs to the realm of the Negative Power, called Kal or Devil, or Illusion, or Maya or even Mind as it still mixed with matter. If they see the light, they see excessive light quite soon, but the real experience is different: “First you go through the darkness, there is a tiny black point
                  between and behind the eye-brows. This is also called the seat of the soul (third eye, single eye, shiv netra and many more names according to different religions). Christ said: “If thy eye is single
                  your whole body will be full of light…” That our own mind is not influencing us, we need to be free from any body stress (wrong positions, pain, lack of concentration, tiredness etc.), we should leave all
                  thoughts aside and do not give attention to them. But what is most important here: Once you get in contact with a competent Master, who gives you a sitting, who accepts you, who gives you the “Initation” he also provides you with 5 loaded words. Each loaded word is like a password and protection against the inner dangers that we may face without those “mantras”. With these words, repeating them with the tongue of our thoughts, we will pass one plane after the other and rise finally into an area of pure consciousness, called Sach Khand. So when we do not have such inner protecting “passwords” we are not able to pass all matter-containing planes, like astral, causal, super-causal plane. Back to the “black point”: When our mind is absolutely still and inactive and we continue to watch into the middle on this tiny black point – then we are drawn into it, as if you go through a tunnel, then the inner sky appear: stars and moon – continuing this inner journey your Master will appear to you and you can even talk to Him. This is meant with rising above the body-consciousness. How can we be sure that this is indeed the highest path which is also called: “Surat Shabd Yoga” – Surrat = attention – “Shabd” is God and is the Life Principle. My Master used to say: “If anyone finds something higher than that then He is going with him too – but no-one has found something higher. And when you enter the footprints of a competent Master (here you have to differentiate between a so-called master and a real, true Master) In the Bible we were warned: Take care of the 100000 so-called phrophets – they come in sheep clothes, but are ravenous wolves. Only when making such experiences as Christ, Kabir, my Master Sant Kirpal Singh, Guru Nanak, Maulana Rumi, Shamz e Tabrez etc. had – when we are able to confirm their experiences to make them our experiences then we can really say: “Seeing is believing…”

                  With the inner “Sound” it is the same: In case of so-called Masters this Sound comes from the left side, but from a competent Master: this Sound comes from the right side – later from above…

                  We have to live an ethic life and follow the commandments of the Master as Christ also said: “If you love me, follow my commandments…” We have to live and do for others and live up to the holy words that Master teaches us. This all will bring us, be sure, to self-realization and with it we are aware of our higher Self in us and then God-realization will come as well.

                  This is now written in a very very short cut regarding our real purpose of life, but when you are really interested in, my friend, then I recommend to start reading the books of my Master:

                  May be start with: “Naam or Word” – after you have read it and you hunger for the truth is still there, then just tell me and I would advise you to read the next precious book – by this slowly slowly our spiritual horizon will widen and widen. This ancient teaching of all competent Masters will remind us of our real purpose of life and how we can advance on this spiritual path…

                  Here you can have a look of available books free of charge in pdf-formats.

                  And here is the book you can start with:

                  Click to access NAAM_engl_2019.pdf

                  All the best, my friend
                  Love and light to you


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