4 comments on “Anchored habits

  1. Yes, my friend.

    And exactly because ignorance
    in the grief of this world loves company,
    sometimes we try to make others ride with us.

    Dangerous paths indeed.
    And I am not saying this out of fear.
    I have strongly felt in me the needs of astral journeyers
    who have promised me milk and honey and sunshine,
    and although I was vulnerably open to them,

    I have always deeply known
    I am not here for things,
    be it physical objects
    or spiritual circus shows.
    I deeply love all our brothers and our sisters
    and everything as belonging in our One.

    (Not an antithetical, polarizing But.)

    If I trust any emanations to show me the way,
    it is only the divine keepers of my soul.

    And my satsang is with souls who are here to allow
    everything we have accumulated to be gently resolved.

    So thank you from my heart, Didi.

    I am starting right now
    with [the book you kindly offered me],
    and we shall talk again, my dear friend.
    God bless you always.

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    • The serious seeker of the truth will surely be connected to it, God Himself will take arrangements for this – but often people seek other things in it, they do not really have the strong yearning for God, for the truth and solve the riddle of life. That is why it is very important to know ourselves, what we really want. Do we put the world first or God? – Are we after pleasures and short-termed happiness running from wish to wish or are do we feel that we are all one in the One. Yes, this all is important, my friend. God will surely test us too, if we are really honest with ourself and others, if we really are serious seeker of the truth. Then a time will come where we start to learn more and more and discover ouselves, no longer see the mistakes of others but look at our own mistakes and weed them out one by one.

      So my dear friend, a good reading time to you and a good journey on your path.

      May God bless you too πŸ™‚
      From heart to heart

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      • God always first, so we can be truly recognizing the seeds that need to be burned in us. I read Wheel of Life months ago, and now again for an even deeper experience with your Master’s blessings. Thank you my dear Didi. God bless you and everyone you touch always. πŸ’œπŸ™Leon

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