Grace all

grace all


1 Grace all to understand each other.
2 Grace all to solve the riddle of life.
3 Grace all to understand the unique value of life.
4 Grace all to live truthfully.
5 Grace all to help them to find their faith within.
6 Grace all to rise above duality and forgetfulness.
7 Grace all to know the priceless heritage of love.
8 Grace all to settle their problems themselves.
9 Grace all to feel the oneness that exists already.
10 Grace all to understand Your competency, o Lord.

Dr. Harbhajan Singh


True and false


How many times
Phrases and sentences
Are adopted, copied
Without having checked
Personally experienced them
Declared as true?

Is it then not possible
If blindly accepted
They are not true…?

DidiArtist, 30.03.2018