12 comments on “Quote by Rumi: “You cannot see me” – (not with outer eyes…)

  1. Dear Didi — When I read these words by Rumi, it is as if someone struck a very large bowl that resonates a deep tone. I cannot tell whether Rumi is speaking of himself or if he is speaking these words on behalf of God… and it does not matter because when Rumi hides in that place, he communes with God. Thank you for sharing this deep truth!!
    from heart to heart, jen

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    • My dear Jen,

      God expressed Himself as Light and Sound when the creation came into being, therefore we find in all religions (re-ligion = binding back to God) the symbol of light (candle) and the symbol of Sound (bell, gong, and more) – All old competent Masters to which Rumi, Shamez a Tabrez (Rumis Master), Kabir, Guru Nanak, Baba Jaimal Singh, Guru Gobind Singh, Jesus Christ, Sant Kirpal Singh and many more competent Gurus belong to (true spiritual Masters or Teachers) – let us know their experience they have made: To use Surat (attention) Shabd (God) Yoga in these two aspects: Light and Sound-meditation – in this way it is possible to meet God within and see His radiating form manifested in the pole of a God-Man (as the absolute God cannot be seen or experienced – only in the form: same recognizes same) – A God-Man is one who has overcome his mind, who could empty himself fully so that God could take a seat in him, who is absolutely pure in his heart. So Rumi saw His Master inside where God expressed Himself (outside like Jesus Christ, they appear as normal man as they have to follow the same law of a man, only then God can bring living examples how we should live) – but those competent Master they would never say that they are the doers – all credit goes to their Masters/Teachers they always will say. But it is God who works in them.

      Welcome, my dear Jen
      From heart to heart

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    • Dear friend,

      This is right to a certain extent and depending on the point of view. Rumi speaks of a place that we cannot see with our outer eyes, outward going senses or faculties. If there is One creator, One Ocean of being and life which is not separated from itself, then the drop is part of this Ocean. However our mind separates everything in duality and from duality we have subject and object. What, if there is a way to merge subject and object as One? There is a kind of meditation that is called Surat Shabd Yoga, which goes inside to see the light inside (as God is light, love and consciousness), to hear the Sound also not with outer ears but with inner ears. Rumi writes in this connection: “Put yourself behind my eyes and see me as I see myself…” – he means the Third Eye or Single Eye (as spoken of in the Bible as well) or Shiv Netra. In the Bible we also have: “Knock at the 10th door and it will be opened…” We have 9 outer openings, but only one inner opening and this is the 10th door. Emmerson says: “Tap inside…” Our ego and mind perceives everything as separated from itself, thus we perceive everything subjectively. However, when rising above the “body-consciousness” (the same what happens at the time of death when the soul gathers to the seat of the soul, the third eye, to leave the body for good) while knocking at the 10th door, we pass realms of astral, causal and supercausal planes up to a region of pure consciousness (otherwise below this plane the spirit is connected with dust and matter) – there, we will become aware what Jesus Christ has said: “I and my Father are one…” So when we have made space for the only One Creator to sit in us, our ego has gone, duality has gone – then it is no longer a matter of subjective perception, then there is no separation anymore. Then we adopt the colour of Him… no longer of the ego and mind. Rumi, Sant Kirpal Singh and many other competent Masters of different religions and times, spoke in this sense in one opinion as this is the ancient teaching of man-making: “Man know thyself…”

      Thank you very much, dear friend for mentioning this subject 🙂

      Have a good time

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