13 comments on “Happy and sad

  1. In the experiences of the unkept promises…
    Is the understanding of life and living.
    That life is a dance of dualities
    Is the learning in the evolving.
    All are facets of the very same oneness.
    Life is a great teacher!πŸ™

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    • Thank you, dear Savvy πŸ™‚

      in fact with our sense organs (our mind which is outward oriented) we see and perceive the world in duality and ideed it is a play of the One or Oneness or Ocean of everything and all – however, when we withdraw us from our outward going senses, when everything becomes still, in this stillness we are One in Oneness and no longer duality exists.

      Life is a great Master – we all are puzzles or fragments of it .

      Have a great time, my dear friend πŸ™


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