Sharing smiles



Let us take by our hands
By our hearts, by our heads

Let us sing together
The song of humanity

Let us forget dark nights between us
And let the sun shine on us

Let us treat as humans
As brother as sisters

Let us live love among us
Compassion from man to man

Let us help each other
Live for each other

Let us overcome differences
On the level of man

Let us not see the mistakes of others
But let us work on our own ones

Let us share a happy smile
To be happy together

DidiArtist, 19.12.2018


35 comments on “Sharing smiles

  1. Thanks a lot for sharing your wonderful thoughts on SMILE

    Together we succeed
    Together we share
    Together we work more for better results
    Together we can divide our work for better results
    Together we can divide our smiles for better life.


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    • Dear Amira,

      Thank you very much, my friend πŸ™‚ Yes, we have to become aware of the fact that we are all brothers and sisters in Him – when this consciousness enters into our hearts – the problems we are facing now, will slowly slowly disappear and harmony between man and man, nation and nation, between religions even (that we are all One in Him) – will take seat.
      Thanks for your contribution, dear friend Amira πŸ™‚
      May you be blessed


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