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  1. Mistakes

    When we observe
    the work of others
    focusing only errors,
    instead of judging,
    we can do our best
    not to overload
    anger or separativeness.
    It is better to be open
    to understanding
    and a constructive attitude.

    27.02.2018 Poetyca

    People always seem to
    that others do nothing as they should,
    but that others
    they’re all wrong. Invariably everyone thinks that the other could do better.
    Nobody understands,
    nor do you want to understand,
    that what is done
    in a certain way and – above all what has already been done – it could not be done otherwise.

    G.I. Gurdjieff

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    • Thank you dear Dany for your poem and your quoted poem 🙂

      Indeed, when knowledge is mixed with pride, it starts to jugde, makes oneself better and others worse, not so good – these prejudices and vanity – it shows not really respect to others. So if there is knowledge there should be respect and humility too, knowing that we all are in the same school. Judging makes us not better, it makes us worse indeed – but life will teach…

      Thank you so much 🙂
      All good wishes

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  2. Thanks for inspiring for positive change. I found the hat if we love ourselves unconditionally, we are able to love others too, even if we see our flaws and mistakes in them as well. This helps to not close both eyes and repeat the mistakes.

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        • Thank you, my dear Dany 🙂 The possibility is there that we are able to chose for example calm and harmony, however the reality shows us a different side. So what is it what choses in us? – is it our mind? is it our intellect or our soul? or even our ego? I can see in myself that mind is not really trustworthy, if the light from the soul shines through , then our words and deeds will be under the umbrella of light, but our mind is really tricky – it deceives us whereever it can. It makes a show, it pretends, it changes its colour in feelings and emotions, it cooperates with our ego – trying to find what is best for itself – so I think that if we really choose a better way with people around us, we have to become really humble and listen to the light of our soul, the thin voice that hardly can be heard in the interference and market- business behaviour of our mind. Really to change oneself is necessary but to overcome programmed patterns in us is not easy at all – it is a huge thing.

          Thank you very much, dear Dany for your contribution which inspired me to write these lines.

          All good wishes

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  3. Experience

    I believe every person
    have it anyway
    the predisposition
    to go towards the light.
    The personal path
    it is not immediate
    and by trial and error,
    especially with patience
    you can ease any inconvenience. It is certainly important
    a support or right effort
    to come forward
    on the way.
    Every experience
    it is a teaching.

    Thank you too dear Didi
    I wish you serene night

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  4. When we start from our within
    Then we end up
    Finding fault in us only
    Rectify those faults
    Before finding faults in others
    Outside of us
    Are pitfalls
    Created by us humans only
    These are to be fbridged by us only
    Before these pitfalls become
    Too wide to be bridged.

    Thanks and warm regards for sharing beautiful lines.


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    • Thank you dear Harbhans. That is true – we have to find the shortcomings or mistakes in us – this is a help to become more and more conscious. Therefore, Master Sant Kirpal Singh gave diaries to His disciples to fill them, for example if we practised non-violence in thoughts, words and deeds and feelings and many more points given. This is a big help to learn to understand one’s own “mind behaviour”, to understand the reactions of the mind and start to control it.
      Thanks, my friend 🙂
      Have a nice day in peace and harmony

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  5. My mom always says this an attribute that I hold well…I’d like to agree and say I try hard to learn from others mistakes so that I don’t make the same ones. Granted life is a life long learning lesson in which we all are working to continually improve and grow.🤗❤️

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