Abilty to discriminate


Formulae with wrong results
Multiplicated multiply
Mistakes, spoiled fruit
Contaminate effects
In passing it on
As adopted ideas, thoughts
To karmic disasters
In the moment of giving
Handed over
When adopted again

All thoughts taken
With no deeper checking
May us make produce
Wrong achievments
Karmic consequences
As reaction
From link to link
Leave us responsible

Thoughts very fine
Complex in understanding
Make us penetrate
Like a virus
To the body – mind
Invisible unnoticed
Welcoming the trojan
Not being aware
As it has even passed
Our solid checking

Leaving us behind
In the feeling
Everything is right
While the virus
Continues to upload
Its deadly charge

Names and titles
Make us blind
In following hordes of followers
We are less careful
To check the rights and wrongs

Much suffering we see
There in the world
Which one parts
Due to our understanding
In process
What we are able
To discrminate
As fruits from the past
Like a devil
In the circle

DidiArtist, 24.01.2009


20 comments on “Abilty to discriminate

  1. This is ever man’s story Didi… We as human just follow what others do. Follow so called myths, faiths, beliefs​ not seeking if it’s right or wrong.

    I am not saying time will not change coz now people seek within, they think before they act there are people who analyze.. I am sure the virus will be removed, not soon but it’s not impossible..

    Am I right.. “seek within you, and you will find, the Devine light and truth that enlighten. The change will come soon, love will bloom. Happiness around with truthfulness and with full moon.”

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    • Dear friend,

      yes, there will be a spiritual revolution coming into the world. As we approach the Golden Age, there are other cosmic laws – people will get more consciousness and many will be able to control their thoughts and deeds. We are now on the bridge between Iron Age (Kali Yuga) – and Golden Age. This process takes 100 years and has started in 1989. Many Bhagats will come into the world and will bring a change in our world, a change to the better.

      Inside we have the light and the sound – this Word by God or Naam has penetrated the whole univers, macrocosm and microcosm, the whole creation. In the Bible we have: Those who are of a pure heart they will see the divine light and hear the divine sound within. This kind of special yoga is called: Surat Shabd Yoga. It is the oldest yoga which all competent Master/Gurus have taught with one and the same voice and content.

      Each of us have to become responsible and have to control our thoughts that our mind no longer leads us to hate, lust, ego, attachment and greed (the 5 thieves in us).

      Thank you for your profound comment.
      All the best

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