Conversation with God

When we understand that this Oneness is God, real love, life and light, perfectly in Itself, with no ending and beginning, then we understand that mind and ego are illusions. What is ego? Ego is the separation of God, is duality. May we all wake up from our ego-life, from our duality, from I-ness, from I and mine and bow down to God in all humbleness – as we all are still in a deep sleep, in the dream of I and mine…

Poetry by Ella Wheeler Wilcox


15 comments on “Conversation with God

    • Yes, it is very essential to understand this – nothing exists but God – but we think us here and God there… We are ONE with Him, not separated and only our mind and ego separates us from Him. Thanks for you comment, dear friend πŸ™‚

      All good wishes

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    • Dear friend,

      All dream that we remember are special and have a more or less impact to us – thats why such dream which you had is also called vision (not necessarily connected with telling things about the future) – I myself had very strong and strange visions too. These visions are normally coming from the astral plane. When we dream or when we are in a meditative condition (many forms of yogas and and meditations forms lead to this kind of astral plane). There is a connection to past lives too. The astral plane you have to think is something much bigger than our physical plan in which live. We have several bodies, like an onion. When we die we go to the astral plane – and then there will be made a disicion according to your having lived your life in deeds, words and thoughts – as in what form you can return in the wheel of life, or coming and going. This is due to karma. Karma means: law of cause and effect – as everything is on the chain of moments it does not stop with the death, as we are not the body, we are soul but connected, here on this plane with matter. Also on the astral plane there is still matter and beyond the astral plane there is the causal plane. In this plane our thoughts, which normally have a “wall” between thoughts and actions or words, have no Wall anymore, means thoughts are at once done. Beyond this plane there is the Supercausal plane, still with very very little matter. And on the fifth plane, called Sach Khand – there, our soul is no longer connected with matter and is of pure consciousness. The last plane is the 8th plane – The Aboslute God – which cannot be expressed. The other planes above the 5th planes are a continuing journey of the spirit, our soul, until finally the drop of the ocean has returned back to complete the ONENESS of God. In fact we all are not existing only God. Everything else is a “dream”

      I would recommend you to inform yourself herer:

      There you can find everything related to spirituality, the journey of our soul, the traps of our mind and obstacles on our way back Home.

      My Master is Sant Kirpal Singh and He explains also what happens when we die in his book. “Mystery of death”

      As you see from the left side, there are many more spiritual books written by a real competent Master.

      It would be too much to write more in details here – but all information you can get from the links I have added here.

      Thanks for sharing again and have a good time

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  1. Enjoy all your posts but this one is extra special. The message within this poem is the massage i want to get out into the world. Maybe when I fully understand it and mediate on it in pray the secrets that it contains will come up for air.

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    • Truth is very simple: we are all one in the One – nothing is outside or beside it – the drop becomes the Ocean… (all in one and one in all)
      This world is not our world, although we are in this world.

      Allow me to share a link with you:

      There are thousands things of dangers we do not see: Just like a virus…

      First of all: we should not follow the attraction of the main-stream, even when millions of people run after so-called meditions, so called-yogas – the truth is hidden from them…

      We have to deeply dive into ourselves, to get to know ourselves, what we really want and why we want this or that, achieve this or that goal (there is always a motive behind).

      Take care, dear friend and all the best on your path
      May God bless you

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