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    • Thanks, my friend πŸ™‚

      I do not know this so well – but one thiing: if we have to leave this world, what can we take with us materially? – nothing, – otherwise just our mind into the astral plane…

      All the best and thank you for you comment.

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  1. A heaven surrounded by darkness but the ray of hope shining bright gives us a feel that beauty is within you and the darkness is a mere thoughts which will vanish if u believe…

    This is my vision from your virtual imagination

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    • Thank you very much, my dear friend – sorry that I answer just now, but I was on a holiday trip for the last 3 weeks.

      Yes, our real beauty and reality is within us – what we see and get aware outside with our senses is just a reflection of our inner sun…
      Have a great time my friend

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        • My dear friend,

          I am guided by my Master Sant Kirpal Singh – so I recommend first of all to learn about the theorectical aspect of the teaching of all competent Masters (not so called masters who can bring you only on the astral or causal plane – a competent Master is able to give you a first hand expperience with light and sound – light and sound are the are those aspects that came into being when the creation was made by God-power, Guru-power, Christ-power, Master-power (all the same) – so I myself cannot guide, but only a competent Master and as the power of Sant Kirpal Singh is identical with the Power of God and we are in the Golden Age, no physical Master from the 5th plane is needed as this power works direct now. Start reading the spiritual books that are really spiritual treasures of my Master – then hopefully, when your yearning for finding the truth is strong enough and genuine you, you can continue on this path which will surely bring us Home. Unfortunately, many of us use spirituality to benefit from it personally – but is not our person and personality controlled by our mind? – yes, it is and our mind comes with wishes upon wishes and selfish motives. So we have to develop us in Him, develop as real human beings, to have love for all and become conscious about the Mission of the Master – the more we start to understand the more we develop and love and yearning for Him, for the whole mankind, for the whole creation.

          Here you find these precious books which are all free available to read (as the sun gives its light to everyone without asking anything in return).


          The more books you read the better you will be innerly equipped: for right understanding.

          Our process to become a human being will continue our whole life, then a time will come when we ask ourselves what we really want: does the world with all its pleasures come first, or does God come first in our lives. The latter one will bring us on the real path back Home. For this we need to learn to understand ourselves, all the tricks of our mind and we need to weed out all our shortcomings one by one.

          It is said:
          “All saints have their past and all sinners their future…”

          This all is a journey into ourselves to get to know who we really are, where we come from and where we have to go.

          I wish you a good yearning on this path, you are never alone as the drop of the ocean is never alone but is also merged with the water, with the ocean.

          Also my Master can become your guide as well.

          Good journey, my dear friend

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            • My dear friend,

              we all are from the same source, are in reality light and sound, rays from the inner sun, are brothers and sisters in Him and sure: mind does not know the relationship between us, but our inner core, our immermost being, call it soul or any other name, knows it. Although consciousness is separated (from the level of the mind) as we feel us as living being “cogito ergo sum” – exaxtly this consciousness is in everybody in the whole creation even in shades and grades and from inside we have bridges to know that we are all one and the same…

              Take care, my dear friend
              Love and light to you

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          • I will start reading them… but i myself have to mentally prepare and motivate myself to start doing it..

            The mental block of me not feeling motivated is what I wana remove.. I want to feel for and healthy but even after knowing I am not doing it..

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            • My dear friend,

              this is also due to our mind, it wants to continue to control us, to postpone things we actually want to do now, but are not having enough power to fight against it. When knowing the motives of our mind then we might develop strenght and can fight back with the same “weapons”: if our mind wants us to do things that are leading to nowhere then we can also postpone/delay the “the will of the mind” and may say: ok, mind, but i do it later… this delay we can use the same way as our mind is using it against us – in this case become the winner of our mind for certain situations, but mind is very tricky and confronts us with always new tricks to keep us in this realm, to hinder us to go back Home…

              Wishing you much strength and driving power to do what “you” (your real being) want, not what the mind dictates on you.

              All the best, my friend πŸ™‚

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