Prison and freedom

Own road under construction

How can we be free
When we block ourselves
With roads under constructions
Yet covered by doubts
With rocks of laziness
Placed among unwillingness
Keeping us away
From our right way
In search for freedom

Bars around us
Barbed-wired borders
Prevent us to enter
Ways of light and truth

We sit in a prison
With our mind – self-created
Believe there is no other way
Remain in stolen hopes

We search for truth outwardly
Rely on illusive senses
In separation, divided objects
Open other doors of the jail

Stumble in those rooms
Declaring them as clean
Yet breathe imprisoned air
Dust taking seat in our thoughts

Living roads pave the path
Open inner doors, ways
Along sincerity, honesty
Hansa-bird – leaving the cage…

With love in its beak
Building the eternal nest
Change-proved devotion
Flight of etnerity

DidiArtist, 25.06.2018

28 comments on “Prison and freedom

  1. So excellent, Didi! Love it truly!!! Says so much about the prisons we put ourselves into. Thank you. I hope you saw My “Summoning the Boogeyman” too. Same sort of sentiment in a way. Hugs, Anne

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    • Thank you very much, dear Anne – yes I saw your writings about the Boogeyman and have written some words as an answer (sometimes it happens that wordpress does not inform if we get answers or places them into the spam folder) – try to find it, dear Anne πŸ™‚
      Hugs in return

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      • Oh thank you, Didi! It is just I am so far behind in my writing my friends and posts, etc. I have not been totally well either – have shingles but only a little case. Still, not sleeping enough because of stress with publisher who is NOT helpful as I attempt to get my two books out of and into Templates not the same, and the more I try to fit my books into their templates, the worse it gets, so I have been working weeks trying to get the books back into print. About to pull my hair out. But it is all Ok and I believe that everything that happens in this world – every challenge, is for our benefit in some way that sometimes we cannot see at the time it happens. Even the worst of things can turn out to be a true blessing at some point, and as I think, without them, we would never learn compassion for others, or be able to help others when they have their challenges (giving loving support, etc.) So all is OK. Will be. I know it.

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