Singing heart



Song of the heart
Ripples of happines
Dance of emotions
Birth of a smile

Music through the eyes
Light of the heart
Touching, moving
Embracing, uniting

Windows of the soul
Outpouring love
Sound of silence
Flowing divinity

Bliss in the voice
Of Magic and charm
Sheding tears of light
Singing compassion

Illumination of the universe

DidiArtist, 18.12.2018


21 comments on “Singing heart

      • I’ve been filling my morning with beautiful instrumental holiday music, so this was an enchanting read that captured my heart and filled it songs to last all day!šŸ˜Š ā¤ļø Have a lovely day my friend!

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        • Thank you, dear Jenna šŸ™‚ It is nice to listen to music, especially in the leisure time, to relax and enjoy. Sometimes when I write poems or aphorisms I am accompanied by harmonic music – this allows me to get more inspirations when I am absorbed in the beautiful music. The whole creation consists of sound and light, even each atom has its own colour, own light and sound and the this kind of music, the music of the spheres, is vibrating through each and everything – our inner ears may hear this sound.

          So enjoy your day to the rythsm of love and light šŸ™‚
          Thanks for sharing your words and thoughts with me šŸ™‚

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