New world


New rays of sunlight
Hope along the horizon
The morning is spreading
A change in the heart

Calls of seagulls
Announce the new day
Colour of unity
Golden beams of love

Old animosities vanish
In smiling open hearts
Turn into understanding
Handshaking sighs

Fights of differences
Learn to unite
Overcome old wounds
Space for a new world

A world of caring and sharing
With humans living peacefully
Together hand in hand
Under one roof:

One world
One universe
One Love
One God for all

DidiArtist, 07.03.2013


22 comments on “New world

    • Thank you dear friend,

      May this new consciousness enter the heart of millions and become an avalanche of a spiritual revolution, a wildfire speading around the world and bring a positive change into the heads and hearts of the people – its the highest time now…

      All good wishes

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    • Thank you, dear Mathias
      In the meaning of Oneness every single person is important and each of us play a certain role in it to let the Oneness be Oneness – with the consciousness of oneness deeper understanding, more respect will be in our world, seeing us all as brothers and sisters, not separated from this Oneness.

      Have a good time, dear friend

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  1. One of my favorite of yours. 🙂 What a timely message. Like we have discussed earlier, we need to look within then we can belong. (You just maybe gave me a poem idea! 😉 )

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