24 comments on “Live – NOW!

  1. This is an important message. Often people are so focused on what happened yesterday or what will happen tomorrow that they overlook all of the beautiful blessings that are PRESENT and happening RIGHT NOW. πŸ™‚ Thanks for this reminder.

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        • Thank you, dear Karen, yes all is fine – we have spring time here and I am going to the nature quite soon with my kayak on the beautiful Finnish lakes, visiting some island and camp there as well in a tent. Here in Finland often you do not see anyone else around you and you feel that you are the only one living on this earth – it is, however, a beautiful experience, just you alone with the nature.

          Have a great time, my friend

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          • That is very cool Didi! I live close to the city so it is quite the opposite. It sounds very nice to have some quiet time especially with nature. Have fun and please post some kayak picturesπŸ€—


          • Dear Karen,

            By mistake your comment disappeared ( when typing sometimes fast, it triggers unwanted pc actions ) – but I remember your words that you are living close to the town and that you do not have so much real contact to nature.
            If I remember I am going to take some photos when kayaking, dear Karen πŸ™‚
            Hugs and love to you


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