Fading memory, losing life – Alzheimer…


Foundation of life
Slowly crumbles away
Withdraws without traces.

Mind returns to the past
Loses present connections
Stumbles on old pathes

Leaves of memories
Fall down, off its stem
Source of life runs dry

My tears accompany all people
Who drown in the sea of Alzheimer
Whose mind slowly say: Good bye life
Flight of millions impressions
Like birds slowly disappear
At the horizon…

Yet the heart is bright
Like sparkling stars
Embraced by God’s love
Finding its way back home

DidiArtist 28.05.2017


23 comments on “Fading memory, losing life – Alzheimer…

  1. OMG Didi! This is so Stunning!! What a great depiction of Alzheimer’s in relationship to the forest/jungle. You executed this so perfectly on the basis we spoke of. And the artwork – Whoa!! Bellissimo Didi

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  2. Surely not, dear friend – this realm in which we are living is like a school and we have to learn there many things – and often we have to repeat a class until we have learnt our lessons… many things are hidden and it us up to us to find them.

    Thanks for your comment
    Have a nice weekend

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    • My dear friend Amira,

      Yes, sending good thoughts for all those who have to suffer so much is like a prayer from the heart and when we are heartly touched, the One is touched too…
      Thank you very much, dear friend πŸ™‚

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  3. The life which is given to us just loses its sheen as oldage sets in with diseases making it weak and helpless then we just go into our past life and think what we have done and not done. A thoughtful poem with a deep meaning.


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  4. Your writing and artwork are absolutely beautiful.
    Fading memory, losing life in the sea of forgetfulness.
    Shining bright, gaining life in God’s presence.

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