36 comments on “Sound of silence

  1. What a lovely poem dear Didi! It’s a coincidence for me as I also posted a Haiku poem on “Silence” today. So I had to re-blog your poem and share it!!!
    Thank you so much dear friend for your ongoing inspiration and beauty that elevates our souls ❀

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    • And hidden in us there is that Divine Light and Sound from which Christ speaks: β€œβ€If thine eye be single, thy body will be full of light”? (via the third eye, the door that leads inside unlike the other doors which lead outside) – and when closing all outer senses then the silence will reach us as β€œthe music of the spheres”…

      Thank you so much, my dear friend πŸ™‚


  2. The world is made of conversation. Even the inner conversations we have with ourselves. The mind attempts to explain the silence. If someone knows me, my silence will catch their attention.

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